Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday Wicked Awesome Random Happening!

Look at my cute new chair! I found a set of two with a "free" sign on the side of the road. 
You can tell they were recently "shabby chic refinished". Not sure who thought they'd pass up Craigslisting them, but whatever, my gain! I love that it actually works with my yucky kitchen wall color. Still trying to choose a new kitchen color. I'm thinking robin's egg blue. It would go with all my yellow. And some nice hardwood on the floor. Oh and some bead board. But let's not think of all that and just be happy with my free chairs.
Pillow from Persnickety Home.

Other things I'm loving this week:

We bought tickets for a family beach vacation in Florida! Can't wait. I have beaches on the brain, and I'm pretty much OBSESSED with this beach house. Hoping to walk past it and see another "Free" sign.

I uploaded some videos from my camera to my other blog. Check out the second one to see just how cute Collin is in a pretty dress. (Lydia is ruining him.)

Lydia's favorite meal right now is "midnight pasta" which is pretty much the easiest and cheapest thing in the world. I make it just like my friend Melanie's Lemon Pasta, except I don't use Basil and I add red pepper flakes and fresh garlic. 

Have you tried Ina Garten's roasted broccoli? As her biggest fan, I'm ashamed to say that until last night I hadn't. It rocked my world. Lydia and the friend she had over to eat went crazy for it. I added cauliflower too since it was in my bountiful basket. 

The yellow stockholm tote from Anthropologie that I've had my eye on is finally for sale. To go with these Mary-Janes perhaps? And my birthday is less than a month away.....

Reading "Bossypants" by Tina Fey. Actually Shane and I are fighting over it in our down time. 
So ridiculously hilarious. 

Speaking of hilarious......

You really need to keep a sense of humor during potty training.

Nothing like picking up junk on the side of the road and pooping in the trunk 
to make you feel really classy.


Erin said...

That picture of Collin is hilarious! Gotta love kids. And what a great find on those chairs!

M Grahmn said...

How's the potty training going?

Unknown said...

Love that chair pillow combo!

Natalie Jane said...

Potty Training is going really well M G. I'll talk about it next week :)

Green Acres in the City said...

Totally are right there with you. If we travel far from home these days the potty is in the back of the explorer!

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