Monday, August 27, 2012

The fair! The place where your husband will fall in love with you all over again. After you get in a big fight of course.

We hit the State Fair this weekend. I love the fair. The smell of corn dogs, onion rings and caramel. 
Some of the best people watching in the world.

I did not like that my GPS showed that we were one minute away from the fair for 20 minutes. 
It took us 90 minutes to drive the 7 miles from our house. 

I was unaware that Styx was playing.

I now hate Styx. 

I also kind of hated Shane during that last 20 minutes of driving cause I had asked him to get home from work early so we could leave before rush hour. 

He kind of hated me for bringing it up a bunch of times.

That was super fun.

But then after forever, we finally made it. 

Funnel cakes, a couple rides and one game that won Lydia a teeny tiny dog.
All for $50! What a bargain!

That's okay. It's the fair! 
One of the only places I can wear my straw cowboy hat and a denim shirt besides the rodeo!
I know. It still doesn't really work.


When we finally made our way out of the fair it was 10:30. Unfortunately that was the same time that Styx stopped playing. I hate Styx.

We were in the worst possible part of the parking lot. The traffic was at a total standstill. 
We were looking at probably an hour just to get out of the lot.

That's when I spied the pad locked gate blocking us from freedom.

"Shane. Go get the car and drive this direction this very slowly."

I then somehow convinced a couple guys to help me break open said gate and cut off the rope blocking our way to the street.

Yep. I did that. 

I enjoyed lots of screams of joy from nearby cars.

But my favorite was the look of awe from my admiring husband.

Yea. The fair rocks.


Kristin said...

Awesome! You go girl!!

Hanna said...

This turned out to be romantic story!!! And who can stay pissy at a fair anyway?? You two sound like me & my hubby. We were bickering today and it ended with him watering me while he was watering the garden - soaking good fun was had by both! LOL

Hanna said...

Oh - and you totally worked the straw hat! ;)

Kathleen W. said...

Ooh, I love fair season! I'm eager to hit up a nearby one at the end of September. It brings back so many childhood memories.

And I never would have guessed that Idaho had rush hour!

Candice said...

We went to the fair too. Next year you should go on Mondays, it is family day. Rides and entrance fees a little better priced then the rest of the days of the fair. And no concerts play that day either. An added bonus if you don't like the particular band playing.

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