Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Key To a Great Married Valentine's Day

It's February! Time to start planning Valentines Day. And it's best to start early. My advice...

photo by m photo

1. Figure out everything you want in a man.
2. Find that man.
3. Fall in love and get married.
4. Spend the rest of your life letting him know how grateful you are for the man he is. 
(Lately I am just in awe of my sweetie. I really married up. But don't tell him that.)

(other important, though not quite as vital steps....)

5. Book a babysitter now, before they're all gone.
6. Call for restaurant reservations ASAP. We made ours the first week of January and they were already booked for our most desired time slot!
7. Get something great to wear. For your date night outing, and for after....
(The Vintage Slip has some really nice things.)

I still say a boudoir shoot is the most romantic gift. I photographed one recently for a friend and the photos turned out beautiful. Helps that my friend is gorgeous. Maybe one day I will do that for a career. That would a fun thing to tell people. "Oh you know, I take photos of women in their naughty bits. No biggie." Hey, I kind of like that. I will call my company Naughty Bits Photography. Appointments available in 2014!

(Or you could just set up a tripod. That works too.)

Looking for an easy Valentines dessert? I made poached pears last week and they were AMAZING! And so easy. I served with whipped cream, but a really good vanilla ice cream would be better. Terrible photo I know. Really, they were better than they look.

Wanting something chocolate? Microwave chocolate pudding sounds good to me! Totally trying this tomorrow. For Valentine's Day research. I feel it's always best to be prepared. 



Winner of a pair of yellow and gray earrings (compliments of me) is Brooke.

Congrats ladies! Email me and I will get you your prizes. 

Two more giveaways coming up soon.... 


jaquelyn {mama thoughts} said...

I'm excited to celebrate our first married Valentine's Day this year! Someday I'll have to do a boudoir shoot for my guy, I'm sure he'd love it. ;)

Natalie Jane said...

Update: Chocolate pudding was so yummy!

Have a great 1st Valentines Day Jacky :)

Push Pop Mama said...

Do you use apple juice for the pears or wine?

Natalie Jane said...

Apple juice? Nah, I just use wine. Had some leftover from a stew I made.

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