Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Finishing up Couch to 5K

Anyone want to know what I did last week? Oh I ran. For 30 minutes. Straight. No, I'm serious, 30 minutes.

For you runners out there, that may seem like a super easy task, but when I started the Couch to 5K program, the second week I had to run for 90 seconds before walking and it kicked my butt. Even when I was in the best shape of my life, working out everyday, sometimes twice a day, I never ran. I could do classes and weights and swim, but run? No thank you.

Now I'm not at running a 5K yet. I'm not up to running a 10 minute mile. First the time, then the speed. But I think I may try for a September race. A race! Who would have thought it possible.

Things I've learned.....

  • Good running shoes are mandatory. Yes, mine are yellow and grey. I admit, I'm obsessed. 
  • A spectacular running bra is critical. LOVE Ennel. Worth every penny.
  • Missing just one stretching session afterwards is going to lead to a world of hurt.
  • Running too close to eating is a side cramp waiting to happen.
  • Couch to 5K is totally do able, as long as you stick to it and don't cheat.

Some questions for seasoned runners:

  • Do I need to worry about my knees and ankles if I continue to do this on a regular basis?
  • Is running outside going to be really difficult now that I've done almost my entire program on a treadmill? 
  • Do you find using a Garmin useful? I could borrow my husbands, but not sure I need to. 
  • Any suggestions on great play list music to keep my energy up? 
  • Any tips you've found that keeps you going???

I did it! Yay for me! I'm totally going to keep running on a regular basis. 
I can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually like it! 


Lauren said...

You are awesome!!! About the treadmill, yes, outside is way different. Also, I have heard that running outside is better for your knees and joints than the treadmill. In my experience everytime I train on a treadmill, I get shinsplints and once those led to fractures. If I am inside, I am on an elliptical. You have a great base though so keep up what you are doing and just make a slow transition to outside. Short quick steps going uphill, long strides going down hill! Congrats on your running - and why wait til September!!! Get an early spring race on the calendar and then make Shane reward you with a hot new dress and a night on the town :)

Natalie Jane said...

New dress huh?.......maybe Spring is a better idea.....

Lauren said...

As a seasoned runner, I would say run outside as MUCH as possible. The view is much better and the miles go by much faster. (I never step on a treadmill anymore.)

Good job on investing in good shoes and a good bra!

Most Importantly: Make sure you are ENJOYING yourself! Go every other day (or every few days) instead of every day and you will be able to go much farther and feel much better. To keep it interesting, listen to different music each time or to mp3s of good books or church talks!

I'm also a big fan of rewarding myself with new clothes.

Mandy said...

I agree with the other runners. Try to get outside for at least 1/3 or your workouts. I love the treadmill for keeping track of my speed and interval lengths. But outside is where the view is better, the races happen, and the air delicious to the lungs! And yes, don't wait until September to do a race! Go for May. You can do it!

Gilbert Family said...

YES...treadmill running is definitely different than outside but you can put your treadmill at a 1 or 2 incline and it's 'more' like running outside (if you are stuck to treadmill running)but I'd recommend hitting the pavement more often!

I love my Garmin but that is because I like to run outside and I don't like to map out my run before hand. I like to switch it up and the Garmin allows that to happen. I also love that fact that it alerts me if I am slowing down...keeps my pace up where I want it!

One of my favorite running songs right now is Paralyzer by Finger Eleven but you can go online and fine lists of awesome running playlists. Music is a great motivator!

One of the best ways to keep myself going is to sign up for races through out the year. I like to sign up for all kinds of races...5k, 10k, half marathons and Ragnar is pretty sweet. There is also a really fun race called The Dirty Dash where you race through mud and obstacles. It's good to change your races up and to try new ones. For the past 4 years, we have a group of 6 other couples that go down to Bryce Canyon for the half marathon and we rent a cabin, hike to a sweet waterfall and of course run the half but that is one of the funnest races we do every year and that is a great thing to look forward to and to keep me running! There are so many awesome races out there, you just have to search for them!

Lastly, I think runners are at a higher risk for knee and ankle injuries but if you have been fitted for proper running shoes and your listen to your body, you should be fine. There is something called Runners Knee that I have had before and it's annoying but there are things you can do to move past it and to avoid it. It's fairly common in women especially. The best thing to do is to get it checked out right away and not run on an injury. Let it heal and then get right back at it!

DEFINITELY sign up for a race before September...go for a 5K spring race! Spring and Fall are my favorite times to run!


Natalie | Mrs. Janney | said...

Way to go!! I used to be a runner (pre-cancer), but have had to give it up for a while now. Once you can run for 30 minutes, it is very easy to run further and further distances and get your pace faster (if that is a goal you have). The treadmill is different, but I don't think it is that much different. I actually think it helped me be able to run at a constant pace better. Your body has a rhythm it is used to thanks to the treadmill and if you don't run in that rhythm, your body will let you know. The main thing with running outside is recognizing the slight slope of the road and sidewalk. Roads have a cross slope of 2 to 4% and sidewalks have a cross slope of less than 2%. As long as you switch up the direction you are running and don't always run the same direction on the same side of the road, that will help. Also, if you start to notice ankle/knee/hip pain, make sure to get your gait checked. Running stores will do this for you. I had improper shoes before my first half marathon and could hardly walk.

Sorry for the novel. Great job!!

stokes_travis said...

There is the "Great Potato Race" in Boise in May you should try. There is a 5K, 10K, half marathon and full marathon. You have PLENTY of time to be ready by then, and it's a fun race. -Lisa

Candice said...

Running outside is different. I usually do most of my running on a treadmill because I don't like running in the cold. I also like that it helps me keep up my pace better. I don't use a Garmin but would love to have one some day. I do have a Heart Rate monitor and that does help with my pace and know how long I have gone. Y

You should do the Great Potato in May that have a 5k, 10K, 1/2 and full. I will be there and can cheer you on!!!

Liz said...

Congrats on hitting the 30 minute mark!!! That is so awesome, I just got there about a month ago and I've been running for a year. I agree with a couple of the other ladies, Why wait to run a 5k? You don't have to run the whole thing or hit 10 minute miles, and I'm sure you will be surprised at how fast you can go in a race situation. Unless you walk the entire thing, you will be far from last.

Two of your questions, You only have to worry about your knees and ankles if you don't listen to your body and overtrain. Just be careful and pay attention to pains. and stretch, always stretch.
Second question: I don't use a garmin, but I do have runkeeper on my phone and I use that. I love knowing how far I've gone, how consistent my pace is and I can listen to my music at the same time so I only have one piece of equipment to carry with me. But I know a lot of people that "run naked" and just go to enjoy the run, no technology.

P.S. I'm coming to Boise in April to do a 5k, we could run together!

Carrie said...

Yay, Natalie! I'm on week 4 of Couch to 5K and I love it. I'm going to do a 5K in May, I know you can do one too. Once you get going, with the other runners, adrenaline takes over and it goes so fast.

And I'm going to buy the sports bra you mentioned as a reward for myself. My goal in February was to get to the gym 3 times a week, and I did it. March's goal involves a new workout outfit, I'm going for it!

Elizabeth Peterson said...

The first week of August there is a 5K called "the color run". It looks like so much fun and when I first looked into it they had it scheduled for the end of August in which I was all "heck yeah I am doing it". But recently they changed it to the first part of August during the time I am in California, major bummer going on. But it looks fantastic and I think you should go for it! I will be pretty jealous though ;O)

Natalie Jane said...

A race in August. Hum. I'm not sure my air conditioned self is ready for that. Maybe after a summer of running though.....

Cari said...

Good for you! You can do all your training on the treadmill, but it will feel different. More freeing. You will be able to run faster and farther outside in the fresh air surrounded by hundreds of other runners. I have a friend who was sponsored by Nike who trained for all her marathons 100% on the treadmill, so for a 5k you'll be fine.

If you do distance running you will need to supplement calcium and glucosamine- my nails and hair totally suffer if I don't take my vitamins while training.

As for knee pain- you might feel tightness in the knees or sometimes get leg aches. The best thing is to get a rolling pin or buy The Stick (fleet feet) and roll your upper thigh from the knee up. Will totally loosen up those muscles and relieve any soreness.

I agree with the others- no need to wait- do it this spring! You can build up your speed for a faster fall, your first race is just about finishing without stopping. Good luck!

Emily Taylor said...

Ok, starting tomorrow. Don't tell my doctor, it is a couple weeks early.

beba said...

You're going to LOVE running outside. It makes 30 minutes go so much faster. And it feels so good. I have awesome memories of running through Stillwater listening to High School Musical (Ha!), trying to get back in shape after baby #1, while you were home tending baby #1 for me. So fun. If we end up out your way this summer, I'll run a race with you.

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