Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Our Valentines Day

I think this may be my favorite Valentines Day ever.

It was just perfect. I'm staying up late editing photos just because I want to relive it a little.

The night before I put up a few decorations for our family breakfast. These balloons are from Lydia's birthday party over 2 weeks ago! (Always pay the extra 20 cents for the "hi float") I will post those photos next week. I just found some more that I still need to go through.

Looking at this photo makes me want to paint the kitchen so badly. But, one step at a time.

The kids woke up to find cards from mommy and daddy.

I threw a little yellow in there too.

Shane took a half day to spend with us.

And to make his famous pancakes.

It's really easy. Just make your store bought pancake mix and separate it into small bowls. Color each batch with food coloring and put it into clear condiment dispensers. 
Now draw (quickly) on the hot skillet.

So pretty.

Lydia requested heart sprinkles in her's.

Lydia is showing off her pink and red nails.

Together as a family we did a little shopping and went to lunch at Cafe Rio.

That's three times in two weeks for me. It's just so good!

Afterwards Shane went to work, Lydia went to a school party and Collin took a long nap. 

 I finished up our neighbor treats. Shane may rule the pancakes, 
but I have the corner on sugar cookies
I decided a little yellow lemon frosting might be a nice change.

I almost went into a sugar coma with all of the treats we received from our new neighborhood. 
Welcome to Boise!

The Valentine Lady also left gifts for the kids on the doorstep.

We were supposed to only be getting each other a book this year (as was our newlywed tradition) but Shane broke protocol and gifted me flowers, See's chocolate and Chanel perfume. 

I was not upset at the surprise. 

We ended with a candlelight dinner out that ended in chocolate mousse. 

And a lot of kissing.

Hail to Valentines Day!

How was yours???


Anonymous said...

OMG, it looks like you all had a blast! love the pancakes and your kiddos look adorable!

Push Pop Mama said...

Not that great! Wow. What a good daddy. :)

Gilbert Family said...

your V-day sounded great!

I was wondering, could you post your sugar cookie recipe? I FAIL every time I make sugar cookies so maybe your recipe will help :)

Alzbeta said...

It looks like a perfect day!

Kathleen W. said...

What a lovely day! And those pancakes are amazing. It's too bad Shane can't sell them on Etsy. :)

Heather Adkins said...

Thanks to your post about it a few years ago, we now have a Valentine's Lady that visits our house, too! I'm a little concerned now that Avery is in school...not sure how the other kids will react to the Lady since they have likely never heard of it. Oh, well. She actually asked this year if it was just me ringing the doorbell, but it rang while I was in the room with her, so secret still in tact! Thanks for the great idea.

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