Sunday, February 26, 2012

You've been featured

Several of you asked if you could grab my new "You've been Featured" button if you were featured on my blog previsously. Of course! I'd love you to grab it. Isn't it cool?
It was designed by Red Bud designs.

Natalie's Sentiments

Hope you're having a great weekend!
I totally am.
Yesterday a friend watched the kids for a few hours, so Shane and I spent the morning together. We hung frames, ran errands, made-out in an empty showhouse. It was pretty great.
Then we got a babysitter for the evening and
spend a quiet dinner together laughing and eating carbs.

I really really love being married.

And having a great babysitter.

And my sweet kids to come home to.

I'm kind of in a great mood today, can you tell?

Try back next week and I'll probably be a wreck.

Happy Sunday!

1 comment:

Jessie Jones said...

What a beautiful button! I love it. I need to think about getting my blog actually designed at some point. Sigh. :-) Happy Sunday!

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