Friday, December 2, 2011

Stocking 101

Since we have just bought a new home and have gads of expenses, Shane and I are just doing stockings for each other this year. I'm totally good with that. For me, the stocking is the penultimate Christmas morning experience. I probably feel that way since my mom was totally fantastic with her stocking stuffing. It's hard to measure up, but I try.

LOVE this post from Modern Eve listing the 7 items all stocking should contain. Genius. To quote:

  1. Something practical: a to do list pad, a Starbucks gift card, stamps or gum.
  2. A personal care item: Lip gloss, Oral B Brush Ups, cute bandaids or tweezers.
  3. Their favorite movie theater candy: Haribo gummy bears, Milk Duds or Twizzlers.
  4. A new favorite food/candy: Chili infused chocolates, a bacon bar or flavored peanuts.
  5. A fun twist on something they need: Flashy socks, sexy underwear, collar stays or Goody spin pins.
  6. Something related to a hobby: A craft punch, a new spice, ear plugs for hunting or golf tees.
  7. A toy/game: A deck of cards, a sudoku book, an IQ test or TableTopics To Go.

Any good suggestions or stocking traditions you have to recommend?


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Kandi said...

I don't know why but we always had an orange in our stocking! So I carry that tradition on with my kids. :0)

amydear said...

I think stockings are the best too. In fact, I'm shipping ours to St. Louis so we can have them on Christmas morning even though we're far away. That is a perfect list.

Canadiachik said...

I agree that a mandarin orange (cutie) is a must, along with good chocolate (dark, for me). Also I have always loved jewelry in my stocking and do that for my kids.

Now that my siblings and I are grown each adult and in-law bring one stocking item for each stocking. It has been an awesome tradition and I especially love seeing what the men come up with. It turns out almost white-elephantish as we hoot and holler over the gifts on Christmas morning and try and guess who gave them.

Canadiachik said...

PS. Love this post...great ideas! Thanks for passing them along!

Push Pop Mama said...

Love that idea Canadiachik!

Unknown said...

The hubby insists on socks and small loose candies like little Hershey's kisses in the stockings each year (his included!).

sweetmelbelle31 said...

pomegranate instead of an orange, it's healthy and the kids love eating them!
Lip gloss, socks, movies, candy, toothbrush, hair accessories, gift cards. etc

jaquelyn {mama thoughts} said...

Definitely jotted down this list & will pass it on to the hubby... ;)

Heileson Family said...

We have gobs of money too and are doing the same thing. Enoch and I are just doing stockings but I have already figured you can spend a lot. Enoch really wants a new watch so he is getting that in his stocking. I bought toblerone bars for $1 and he is already getting a movie and will put a gift card to a yogurt place as well. I always throw in contact solution, shaving cream, toiletry stuff. I could really blow my whole Christmas budget just of stocking stuff including stuff for the kids. My favorite part of Christmas morning is the stockings. We individually wrap every item in the stocking with special Santa paper. I love watching my kids unwrap even the lip gloss. It is fun because sometimes you get 20 little presents to unwrap. We do not wrap the nuts or small candy though :)

Natalie Jane said...

Wish I had gobs of money too....


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