Saturday, December 17, 2011

Modest Holiday Wares

I wore the most incredible dress to Shane's work party last week. Sadly the only photo we got was a snap of at the table. Maybe I'll have a reason to wear it again and I will get a shot.
So hard to find great modest dresses with sleeves. But I'm seeing it more and more lately. Yay!

Leave it to Alive and Olive to make the perfect sparkle dress.

If I could get this in gray, would it be too much for the opera? Cause I'm in love. Just imagine it with a yellow belt and yellow heals. From Fancy NY

How about this little lovely? Sure it costs more than my car, but I really think I need to pull out all the stops this New Years Eve party. Either this dress or jeans and a hoodie. Not sure yet. From Eli Saab

Don't tell Shane, but this Shabby Apple number should be arriving at my house any day now. I wanted something extra pretty for our romantic Christmas date we have next week. Isn't winter white dreamy?
I think I need a spray tan. 

Hope you have big plans for celebrating this year! 
Make sure at least one event includes some dressing up! 


amydear said...

Great taste and fabulous choices, as usual. Wish I had a fancy party to wear one of these dresses to!

Alzbeta said...

Nothing is too much for the opera :).

jaquelyn {mama thoughts} said...

Oh my word that 2nd dress is gorgeous!! I'd love it even more in grey. Although I think I'd pair it with a plum, raspberry or mint instead of yellow... ;)

Have a wonderful weekend, Natalie!

Liz said...

Those dresses are amazing! Love the things you find.

Anonymous said...

Natalie, Do you have pinterest?

Natalie Jane said...

Not yet :)

rebecca said...

love the knee-length look. beautiful!

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