Saturday, December 10, 2011

One sitting gifts

Once on an Episode of Barefoot Contessa, Ina talked about her friend's gift giving policy. For the holidays they give a gift that can be enjoyed in one sitting. Something to eat or something like theater tickets. A gift to enjoy, but not to hang around. Now, granted, these nice folks live in the Hamptons and they probably don't need a whole lot. But now that I just finished moving, something to enjoy and then it be gone sounds kind of nice. 

Some of my favorite one sitting gifts:

Massage Gift Certificate. 
Facial would be nice too.
Or mani pedi. 

Okay, any spa gift certificate would be great.

Movie Tickets. 
Love the bargain you can get on Regal Tickets at Costco. 
These are great since so many people go to the movies on Christmas anyway.

Car Wash Gift Cards.
Cars are gross in the winter! Buy a $25 car wash card and you'll be giving a clean car for the season.
Perfect if you have a guy to buy for.

Gift Baskets.
These are more than one sitting obviously, but they are perfect for this time of year. 
Last Christmas I just couldn't bring myself to give my Grandma yet another bath set, so I sent her a basket from She LOVED it. I won best grandchild of the year I'm pretty sure. She said she was able to share it with everyone who came to visit her. This year I'm giving her the Christmas Gift Basket Classic. (Don't tell her please) Everything in it looks so fancy :) The Christmas Gift Basket Deluxe would be awesome to treat an entire family.

Hot Air Ballon Ride.
Okay, this is a little extravagant, but totally worth it. My mom took me on one for my 21st birthday and it was a blast. Take a camera and make some wonderful memories.

Day after Christmas Freezer Meal.
Christmas is wonderful, but by the end of it, I'm pretty wasted. (Tired, not drunk.) Imagine receiving a full handmade meal, ready for the freezer with a tag saying "to enjoy on December 26th, or whenever you need a break from the kitchen". This would be a great gift if you want to stock your own freezer at the same time. Spend a weekend in the kitchen and get all your gift done. 

This would also work with frozen cookie dough, especially for busy moms.

Ticket to a cooking class.
I love this idea as a great best friend gift. What a fun way to enjoy each other, learn something new and eat! That sounds about perfect to me.

Do you have any good one sitting gift ideas?
Eek! Are we really just two weeks from Christmas???

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