Monday, December 19, 2011

Signs of a very simple Christmas

Christmas is a big deal at our house. Tons of decorations. We have hundreds of ornaments. Really. Hundreds.
Who the crap knows where all that stuff is. I opened the one Christmas box I could get to in the garage and decorated with whatever was in it. This house will be amazing all decked out. This year we just worked with one box. You can see our sad tiny little tree in our home pics

That's okay. I seriously needed a break. 
Taking Christmas down this year will take 30 minutes instead of an entire day. 
Though I do wish I would have been able to find the nativity scene.

Someday I'll make this mantel a Christmas masterpiece. 
But this year we will have to make due with sticks and ornaments. 
Directions here.

And a couple pretty topiaries. 

Paper mache meets snowman. Totally bril. Wish I could take credit. 
Directions on how to make one of your own here.

No tree topper to be found, I made due.

I did get us a new ornament this year. Something to remind me of my two babies. 
I love Tai Pan. This was like $3.

Our first Christmas together will remain forever in my memory as one of the most romantic times of my life. I want to have this photo out every Christmas. Instructions on how to make a wrapping paper frame here

This Christmas has been pretty romantic too.

Since we've moved we're trying to pair down the clutter. 

However, to my utter shock I realized we didn't have a clementine holder! 
No clementine holder?? What on earth would the neighbors say! I rushed right out and found one from Anchor Hocking. That was a close one.

(I actually got this in a Christmas gift exchange with some girl friends. Love it.)

Christmas is less than a week away. Time to watch The Holiday, bake cookies, pull out the guitar to
 sing carols, drive to see lights and hold my family close together. The best week of the year is here. Enjoy it.
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