Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our Winter Wonderland

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We spent Christmas weekend in Spokane with my family. I was pretty bummed to see no snow anywhere in the forecast. Even so, the frost was beautiful.

To our great joy, a surprise snow storm hit on Christmas eve. 

It was a spectacular white Christmas. 
The kids were almost as overjoyed as me. Almost.

Mommy! My hands are cold!

That's better. 
And yummy!

Ice skating on the frozen "pond"

Christmas Sunday and a pretty new coat from grandma.

My handsome men.

Nothing quite as sweet as a white Christmas.

Hope yours was wonderful too.

(See more of our Christmas here, here and here.)


Kelli said...

my grandma lives in spokane and came to our house on the other side of the mountain because she heard it was going to be a bad winter. She got here 1st week of Nov and spokane has hardly had any snow yet. hehe. She was going to stay until beg of march but now thinks she might go home early. They will probably get it once she goes home. SO warn your family, shes 94 and still drives. YIKES!

Jessie Jones said...

Snow is so beautiful! I'm hoping we get another day of snow down here in Alabama this winter. It was such fun when we got our very own snow day last year!

Push Pop Mama said...

That house is amazing! Did you grow up there???

Emily Taylor said...

Lydia and thomas have the same coat. Twiners.

Cari said...

That's a ton more snow that we've gotten in Utah! I was expecting a white Christmas when I moved here but we had more snow in Kentucky last year than we've had this year... The first image is absolutely beautiful! And of course your kids are the cutest.

Natalie Jane said...

Push Pop- I moved to this house when I was 14. Love it there!

Emily - Why does your son have a girly coat?

Anonymous said...

lydia is so huge! beautiful babies :)

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