Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thoughts on running. And boobs.

While I was in Spokane I tried running. Well, more so walking/jogging. I did 5 miles a day, 3-4 days a week for 4 weeks. Lots of great hills. I slowly built up my jogging/ fast-walking ratio.

Here's my thoughts on that.

1. I don't think well endowed women were meant to run. I have a seriously awesome bra, but that is some major jolting. I actually googled breast reductions several times. Does anyone out there enjoy running who is in the DD club? Does it get less painful?

2. Running is awesome when it's beautiful.  (The above photo is the view from my parents house, looking right where I like to jog.) I knew the beauty of my locale would be inspiration enough to get me out the door while at home. But running around suburbia is really doing nothing for me.

3. I need a good playlist. A wonderful sponsor sent me an iPod Nano as a gift and I've never used it. (Shane on the other hand runs with it all the time.) I need some music to get me going. Do you have any suggestions? I love House music. Stuff that you would find at a dance club. I don't like country.

4. I'm better at dancing. I've been doing Zumba a lot lately and I really love it. I've never been good at sports, but I've always been a good dancer. I'm thinking that might be a better workout for me. And it's crazy fun.

5. Not giving up on running yet, but I'm not running any races anytime soon.
Still, kudos to me for trying!

Here's a little video of that sweet rainbow, just to add a little lovely to your day. That's my Dad's voice in the background, teaching Collin to do something. You can't tell, but it was a double rainbow. I started laughing so hard when Lydia came out and said "It's a double rainbow! What does it mean?" I think she has been listening in to Shane's and my pop culture references. Wish I had that on video.

I'm having the best few days! Kids sleeping in late (incredible!), lots of energy and my house is clean. It is finally reaching into the seventies here. Watched Lydia's ballet performance and she was so beautiful. I'm working out everyday. Had a great date night last week. (Super 8 was amazing!) Shane and I are decorating his new office and I love having a project to do with him that has nothing to do with the kids. Yes, the kids are still driving me crazy in their own spectacular ways, but I've discovered that if you just expect your two year old to act like a two year old and your 5 year old to act like a 14 year old, its easier to deal with it. Of course, everything is easier to deal with when you're rested.

I'll probably have a complete meltdown next week, so look forward to that!

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Monica said...

I'm not in the DD club but the 'painful hormonal thanks to the pill' club. I wear a regular bra with ugly thick straps-great support. Then I wear a tight bra over that. Another bra over that one. It gives a horrible uniboob but the girls don't move!

Starry said...

Unfortunately I am with you on the running and big boobies thing. I used to run the 200 metre hurdles in school, this was before I hit puberty and proceeded to get more boobies than I bargained for! Never been able to run comfortably since even after trying numerous sports bras and such.

Oh and Zumba is soo much fun isn't it?? I love it!

jaquelyn {mama thoughts} said...

I'm not that large, but I hate to run. Bouncing is no fun, in my opinion. Walking or biking is more my thing. :)

Brett, Juliann, and Mae said...

I listen to a lot of pump up, but I also had some mellow stuff in there. Something that helps me is to put a song that has a great running beat for whenever I would start to slow down or would need a boost. My two favorites song were Beautiful Monster and Touch. My friend who I ran with loved the song Magic. I had those songs repeat about 2 times throughout my long runs so that I would keep my speed up.

Songs: Beautiful Monster- Ne-Yo, Magic, Airplanes, Touch - Natasha Bedingfield, Club Can't Handle Me - Flo Rida, Grenade - Bruno Mars (this could be too slow, I haven't tried running to it), Oh My Gosh - David Choi, Cooler Than Me - Mike Posner, Dynomite - Taio Cruz

I also have some Glee songs on there too. I don't have any bounce, but I wish I some! :)

Zumba for Kinect is a great workout if you already have Kinect. Tracy Anderson has great dance workouts too. You can google Tracy and find a few videos online to see what she is like.

P.S. Find a running buddy if you ever get serious. My friend pushed me to go faster and longer. And there is nothing better than having friend time multiple times a week.

Jana said...

Even my small girls hurt when I run but not when I sprint. My husband and I sprint to exhaustion, then walk, then sprint. We do about 5-7 sprints. Sprints are the best!

Liz said...

My hubby and I went to Super 8 last night too! very good movie.
So, I'm not a DD, just a plain old D. I've heard Enell bras are amazing, but I haven't tried them yet. Right now I just wear two running specific sports bras and the girls don't move an inch. You should go to a local running store and see what they have. The ladies at ours are trained to help you get the right fit. Don't give up on running yet, even girls with a little more on top can run without pain.

Unknown said...

I'm not a fan of running. I have D cups, and it is uncomfortable. I do like being outside, and honestly, getting out of the house and in a zone where my kids can't ask me for things is necessary to get exercise, so I took up biking. Much better for the girls, and I love it!

Lauren said...

I wear 2 sports bras. I am probably a C/D but am currently nursing and it hurts like heck to run and bounce around. Two sports bras do the trick and give me the support I need.

Nama said...

I am fortunate enough to be built, boob-wise, for running. I'm practically flat when I smoosh what little I have into a sports bra. Ta-da! I often see women running with larger chests and think to myself how they do it! I hope you can find a solution or that it gets easier!

Queen, I find, is always excellent running music. Also, find some good mellow, beautiful music, like Sigur Ros. When you're having a really difficult run, beautiful sounds like that really help take your mind off the pain and struggling.

Keep on running! It took me many many months of beginning running (and two 5Ks) to really consider myself a runner. And now, two half marathons later, I live for running. I still hate it at times and it's still oh so difficult, but I love it still. It's...a complicated relationship. :)

And just a suggestion: sign up for a 5K. And train for it. (I did a couch-to-5K program I found online). The accomplishment of finishing your first race (how ever long it takes you) will seriously end in a runner's high. And then you'll be addicted. :)

Colorado76Gal said...

I agree...I learned to run with the Couch-to-5k Plan....it totally helped in getting your body comfortable for running. (Or as close as you can get..when you are a DD....I just try to get active hyper music to distract and ignore it...ha ha)

Lisa Macomber said...

Hate running and for more than just the boob issue! I am a DD, was a DD, had a breast reduction 15years ago and got down to a C. Then...met a man! Got married...had kids...and again DD! I loved the title of your post! I have you on my blog roll on my sidebar and I was cruising down looking and when I read yours I had just to come over...

YourDailyJewelsBLOG said...

That rainbow photo is unbelievably perfect. Makes me wonder why I live where I do.
I totally get the boobs thing. Running should be left to the under 20 crowd.

Holly said...

I'm 19 and have the same issue with running. I also live in a...not rough area near London, but let's just say that running is very uncomfortable, even in the day time. I've found that dancing is definitely the way to go, not just for the DD issue but also because it's more interesting and safer.

Good music I'd recommend is Black Eyed Peas, Glee songs...anything with a good rhythm.

Cari said...

I used to wear two sports bra's and even tried Enell but had to send it back it was so uncomfortable. I finally found the Moving Comfort bra at my local Fleet Feet store. It is the best I have ever worn (got up to an F while breastfeeding!)

I have the Fiona one http://www.movingcomfort.com/ and it adjusts in the front which is perfect for breastfeeding or if you just had a baby and are changing sizes. There is no bounce when wearing this bra and I have run three half marathons wearing it.

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