Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kitchen Envy

Shane and I have started looking for a home to buy. Boise and I don't see eye to eye on architecture.  In fact, if Boise and I were married, the architecture would be driving us to divorce court. We've been looking for months and I finally found one home that seemed our style. We met with a realtor and we LOVED IT. The kitchen was perfection. Of course, we found out immediately after the showing that it sold. It had only been on the market 5 days. When we asked the agent where else we could find a house like that in the area, she just looked at us sadly. "Sorry. We don't see homes like this too often." 

I miss our cute colonial. And now I've got kitchens on the brain. 



This is the kitchen from my crack movie - Somethings Gotta Give. Perfection.

Could you just die?

Boise, I'm willing to work things out, but you have to come to the table with something. And by table, I mean a big granite island. 


4 My Eyes Only said...

I bet it was this one

Natalie Jane said...

WOW! No, that isn't the house we were looking at, but I love this one! Too bad it is out of our price range :) Thanks for the link!

Dawn said...

I loved everything about the house in Something's Got to Give but especially the kitchen.Love that you call it your 'crack movie" I only live about 25 miles from the Hamptons (where the house is supposed to be) and they all look like that!

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