Monday, June 6, 2011

Movies you have to watch - like "have" to watch.

Do you have a movie you're powerless to resist? The movie that you have to watch if you are flipping through channels and it's on? I know you have one. Sound of Music?  Flight of the Navigator? Mannequin? Bridge on the River Kwai? They don't have to be good movies. (Though Bridge on The River Kwai is an incredible movie.) The pull they have on you may be on a level that can't be understood. Don't resist them. They are your crack movies.

I've got 5 movies that I have seen more times than I can count because I can't say no to them.

#5 - Twister.

I know. It's totally lame and unrealistic, but I really enjoy watching this movie. I like when they eat the steak and eggs. I love laughing at the end when the characters are being harmlessly sucked into the tornado with wind that would make a blade of grass deadly. After watching this movie I like to drive and around and yell "Debris!".

#4 - G.J.W.T.H.F. (I am making this shorter because if I use the full title, Porn sites lead here. WHAT is happening with the world???)

This movie is just pure cinematic magic. There should have been Oscars involved. Helen Hunt was even better in this film than in Twister! I know most of the dance moves by heart. It gives me "a cheek-ache from smiling".

#3 - The Mirror Has Two Faces

I'm not a Barbara Streisand fan per se. But she is hilarious in this movie. And Jeff Bridges is hilarious and hot in a weird, geeky kind of way. Watch with a box of snowballs.

#2 - The Holiday 

I watch this movie at least 3 times every Christmas. Jude and Jack - Yummy. Kate and Cameron - my dream soulmates. 

#1 - Somethings Gotta Give

My all time crack movie. Best thing is it's Shane's top crack movie too. It is just a great great movie. Great acting, great plot. Magnificent Cape Cod architecture. Jack Nicholson is at his best. And the crying scene(s) with Diane Keaton is hysterical. Makes me want to wear a turtleneck and grab some scissors.

Honorable mentions -

BBC Pride and Prejudice. Never on TV, but I bought the DVD set on my honeymoon promising Shane he would love it. He rolled his eyes and bought an X-Files season. (He loved it and we watched the entire thing in one sitting.) I think I've watched it 50 times, usually when scrubbing the kitchen.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Also rarely on TV but if I see this in your DVD collection I will stop our conversation immediately and start to watch it. Why don't I own this movie? Benjamin may not sing or dance, but I could watch him stand idly for hours.

So I've got to know. What are your crack movies???

Want to see my 5 worst movies of all time? Check them out here.
The comments are the best part.


Cheryl said...

I have not seen Somethings got to give. I'll have to check that out. I am right there with you on Twister. I need to watch that again.
Pride and Prejudice is up there for me too.
And Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is one of my all time favorite movies. I recently (finally!) got in on DVD. Benjamin and Cary Grant were my first crushes.
Speaking of CAry Grant my other "have to watch" movies are The Philadelphia Story, The Bachelor and The Bobby Soxer, and Every Girl Should be Married... all starring Cary.
I would also add to the list Happiest Millionaire, Iron Will, Summer Magic, The Journey of Natty Gann, and Anne of Green Gables.

Cari said...

I love "real" acting and storylines like Masterpiece Theatre & BBC productions, original musicals and old classics with cary grant and audrey hepburn. It's impossible to choose a favorite but some I really like are Pride & Prejudice, wives and daughters, & singing in the rain...

Krulls in Haiti said...

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun is one of my all time favs too!!! I wanted her giant bug hat so bad, she was the coolest friend and fashionista! "I love to dance" Ha!

Mary Lea said...

Terms of Endearment sucks me in every time it's on TV...and I cry every single time. Gone With The Wind is another. It's rarely on TV, but when it is, I watch the whole 4 hours. Hard to believe that it was made in the 30's!

Unknown said...

I love that you mentioned Mannequin... I love that movie, terrible as it may be!
Movies that I always stop on when they are on tv.... A League of Their Own, and Dirty Dancing. I love these movies! Oh, and let's not forget Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion :)

Amy F. said...

I own Pride and Prejudice and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, AND Somethings Got to Give. I love it as well and I even bought the soundtrack to it a few years ago, I adore french music. Movies I love? Fiddler on the Roof, It's a Wonderful Life, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels-so funny, Red Dawn-with Jennifer Gray and her original nose, The God's Must be Crazy...I could go on. I feel like watching movies now!!

Unknown said...

Love it! I cannot resist the Notebook, Dirty Dancing, and Steel Magnolias, Oh and anything Christmas related during November and December! Love them too much to just watch something else.

Unknown said...

Another Diane Keaton movie, "Because I Said So." Also, The Devil Wears Prada, Monster In Law, and Failure To Launch.

makaya larson said...

Yes! Yes! I agree "Because I Said So" is mine and I can't get enough!

BumbleBee Bagz said...

all time favorite is "the seventh sign" with Demi Moore. A thriller that has such a religious powerful meaning to it....the ending is so beautiful...I cry for days!

Saylorsmom said...

I love those movies. Except I haven't seen The Mirror Has Two Faces. Great pics!

Push Pop Mama said...

Twister? Really Natalie? :)

jaquelyn {mama thoughts} said...

Pride & Prejudice? Yes! Seven Brides? I think we've had this conversation before... *swoon* ;)

Dionna said...

Pride and Prejudice (with Keira Knightley), One Night With a King, Dreamer, Count of Monte Cristo. I'm sure there are others. :)

amydear said...

Somehow I get sucked in to any dance movie, even a cheesy teenage one like "Step Up 2: The Streets". My husband gets sucked into "Snakes On a Plane" every time. Sucker!

Lisa Lew said...

I love Twister and Girls Just Want to have fun (I even own Twister I love it so much). I'm also a sucker for Goonies, Sixteen Candles, Forest Gump and Titanic. Love um!

Mindy said...

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers! I used to watch that all.the.time when I was little. It was on VHS and I've never got around to getting it on DVD (off to Amazon I go).

Pride and Prejudice (With Kiera Knightly) is my all time favorite movie. I can just start thinking about it and want to watch it.

The Notebook (if it's on tv at any given point it will be on my tv, even though I own it)
Dirty Dancing (both the original and Havana Nights)
The Devil Wears Prada
And of course, Titanic!

Anonymous said...

If I need a good 'happy' cry!


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