Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One thing every marriage needs.

I've only been married 10 years, so I'm not an expert. But here's one thing I know.

Every married couple needs to take occasional mini trips away that consist of just two activities.

And the other activity is eating.

Our 10 year anniversary trip will (hopefully) be Hawaii in the fall. But you know me, I can't let a big event pass without some celebrating. So for our actual anniversary we decided to stay where we spent our wedding night, at the Clark House on Hayden Lake.

Got myself a new outfit and a new do. 
I cut 6 inches off my hair and wore a dress that shows off my legs!

Not only did we spend our wedding night here, but we also had our wedding dinner at the Clark House as well. That's all a blur now since no one took any photos.
(Still a bit sad about that. Apparently there's a video of the toasts somewhere, but I've never seen it.)
I barely remember what we ate, but I do remember laughing for hours.
And that my sister Abby ate like 15 Crème brûlées

We got the same room where we spent our wedding night. It has the most incredible view of the lake and forest. We couldn't stop smiling for the first 30 minutes after we walked in. :)

We had fireside dinner (and breakfast) reservations in the same room that our wedding dinner was held.

This time we spent the entire dinner at the table, as opposed to 10 years ago when we kept sneaking into the hall to make out.

If we had all the money in the world, this would be the home we would build. And this lake would be where we would build it.

And we would hire people to clean it and mow the lawn.

This time around we were able to fully enjoy the gorgeous decor and historical architecture that somehow escaped our notice 10 years ago.

We walked around with our mugs of herbal tea, taking in the views of the lake and the hand painted murals.

But honestly, we stayed in our room the mass majority of the time.

Being married is fun.


Kelli said...

Your glowing! What a beautiful place

Nicole-Lynn said...

Beautiful! Sounded like such a fun time! So glad you were able to share such a special time/anniversary with your hubby. Great picture of you two!

Kay K said...

You picked a beatiful place, and yes I agree we need to get away from the everyday routine to enjoy each other !!!your pictures are beautiful

jaquelyn {mama thoughts} said... two are so cute.

As a bride-to-be, I can't wait to get married. It's gonna be fun. ;)

Amy F. said...

Jesse and I had our 13th Anniversary yesterday! Happy Anniversary to you as well! We'll have to go the the Clark House sometime. I've never heard of it! I love to be in beautiful surroundings and this definitely falls into that category. Also, I'm fond of creme brulee, so it's especially tempting!

Brittany said...

What a fun way to celebrate!
You look so beautiful! Love your hair!

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