Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Bucket List.

I've enjoyed reading several of your summer bucket lists.
Summer is just starting here in Boise, so yesterday for Family Home Evening we made our own family
summer bucket list. Shane and I added a few just for the two of us.....

Summer 2011

1.  Spend day at Roaring Springs water park.
2. Camp in backyard 3 times.
3. Go on a fancy date where I can wear my new sequin top.
4. Stay up late and watch fireworks as a family.
5. Spend an entire rainy day watching Pride and Prejudice. Just the kids and me and popcorn.
6. See Harry Potter. (Not with the kids of course).
7. Family reunion.
 8. "Spa Day" for Lydia and her friends in the backyard.
9. Stay the night at a hotel and swim.
10. Dinner and games at Pojo's.
11. Walk around Boise Temple and take photos.
12. Lydia to read all the BOB books.
13. Learn about how plants grow and plant flowers
14. Shane and I - Workout/run 3-4 times a week 
15. Get a swing set. 
16. Go to Hawaii.

That last one is just for Shane and I. Tickets are bought. Resort is booked. I could not be more excited!


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Kiley said...

Love your summer list - what a great idea! Isn't Pinterest so fun? Do you have a Pinterest account? I'd love to 'follow' you if you do :)

Natalie Jane said...

Not on Pinterest yet. I think it may be too addictive for me!

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