Tuesday, July 13, 2010


One of our favorite parts of our Washington vacation was going to Seattle to visit two of our very favorite people. Carrie, my best friend since I was 15 and her husband Xander.  (And their twin boys of course!) The best part was it was a total surprise to Carrie. Xander called Shane back in October to see if we would like to come up to see U2 in concert and surprise Carrie. Two weeks before the concert, Bono hurt his back and canceled the entire tour. Which sucked, but we didn't let that deter us. (This is the worst photo of me, by the way, but it was the only one with all 4 of us.)

Oh...and did I mention we left the kids at home????

And that our friends live right on Puget Sound! This is the view from our guest bedroom. Where Shane and I slept in (together!) until after 9am. And took a nap. How's that for a vacation?

Shane admiring the view. As am I :)

Of course, no trip to Seattle is complete without a visit to Pike Place

Perhaps the best mac and cheese I've ever had. And I consider myself a connoisseur of the delicacy. (You can find it at Beecher's.) Recipe here

Yea. That's my husband. 


I could shop the produce here daily.

There is some random stuff there too...
All bundled up. In June. 

If I lived here, I would buy fresh flowers weekly. The most incredible quality and prices. Makes me miss my days of working in a flower shop.

One of my very favorite flowers.

While spending our days with the entire family was fun, we really really wanted to get out on our own. Carrie did her best trying to get a babysitter.

Moments after finding one available! Nice Xander.

Off we went for a little grown up time...

View from our table at Saltys.

Oh my. There are no words.

Engrossed in stimulating conversation...that doesn't revolve around kids.

Okay, maybe the best night ever. Spending the evening with our "soul mate" couple, eating dinners that cost more than an entire week's worth of groceries. NO KIDS. After dinner, Xander said, "Man! We should have taken you to get some wasabi grilled cheese sandwiches!" Shane replied, "why can't we go now?". So after stuffing ourselves with seafood, we headed out to a little hole in the wall bar for grilled cheese. Then we went to Dick's for shakes. We finally rolled ourselves home after 1am. Had it not been for the fact that we needed to relieve the babysitter, we could have stayed out all night.

Carrie and Xander, we had that most amazing time! Let's get on planning that trip to Hawaii soon!



Mackenzie said...

You visited where I live! Too bad you came in June, we had horrible weather!!

Nickie said...

What great pictures....Love the baby sitter picture. That house is amazing.....

TGS said...

I love the one with them jumping! So funny!

Amy F. said...

I grew up 40 minutes from Pike Place! I have a lot of wonderful memories there. I'm envious that you got to visit. :)

Laura said...

What a great time! I've always wanted to visit Seattle. The fresh produce and flowers.... I would LOVE!

Laura said...
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COCOVANA said...

Great pictures and Im glad you had fun and got to relax!

Im soooo happy you liked my package, I made the friendship bracelet and tried doing it as clean as I could!

I dont live in Napa Valley, but I thought you would like to see that map with the vinyards and it was sooo pretty so I go you that!

Glad you liked it!

xoxo anna

Ann said...

seattle is so much fun. i love pikes market!

i found this picture online and thought you'd like it (since it's yellow and grey):http://www.houzz.com/photos/49321/Guest-Bedroom-eclectic-bedroom-other-metros

xcdenke said...

LOVE IT!!! The picture of us jumping and Xander spanking his butt, classic! You are such a great photographer!! That Seattle skyline, so incredible. We miss our bestie couple too! SO wish we were closer, ahhhhhhhhhh! Loved every second, every calorie, every talk, every giggle, every minute with you rain or shine! I can't wait for Hawaii!!

Sarah Larsen said...

What a fun trip! Has anyone ever said that Shane looks like a more handsome version of Ewen McGregor?

The Wheeler's said...

I would love to go to Seattle! I just wanted to say thank you for the earrings. I love them!

jill said...

what a fun time u must have had! :) thanks for making seattle look so wonderful! i love living here!!!

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