Thursday, July 22, 2010

Keep baby cool.

Kids are napping. Usually I don't blog during the day, but I'm so hot I can't get off the couch and I don't like daytime TV. We went to the park as soon as breakfast was over. We basked in the "cool" mid-eighties and ate chilly watermelon. By 9am we were dripping and the kids were exhausted. I think I'm going to hold off going to the park again until September. 

A while ago I read this really cool book called Baby Body Signs about how to "read" your babies signs to tell if there is a health concern. A great parenting resource to keep on hand. The book's authors recently wrote a great post about "Keeping your baby safe in the heat" that I highly recommend. When the temperature nears 100, you can't be too careful. You can read the article here

What are you doing to keep cool?


Kiley said...

Popsicles, popsicles, popsicles :) and plenty of pool time. My kids would eat popsicles all day if I let them. My freezer it FULL of the Dryers Fruit Bars in every flavor. Lemonade is my fav.

To keep the kids hydrated I keep their sippy cups full of fresh ice water. The ice adds a little bit of novelty to it and they suck on it all day.

TGS said...

I concur Kiley's comments. We all start the otter pops pretty early in the morning ( I live in AZ). And I fill their with ice and add a little water. The ice melts quite fast and the water stays really cold for them to enjoy.

S Club Mama said...

being inside by 10am. That means to the park as soon as baby's done with breakfast (unfortunately that isn't until about 9-9:30 so we don't have much time) and then staying indoors. Unfortunately that also means more tv :(

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