Sunday, April 18, 2010

Springtime Lovelies

My favorite local photographer. 

Could someone please tell Shane these are the flowers I am dreaming of?

And how perfect is this top for a Springtime date? 


The lane to my house. Well, not really, but maybe someday.


Lovelies everywhere you look.

My little family on a springtime picnic on a perfect day. I love that this shot was taken through a hundred year old window. Makes a lovely filter, no?


House Queen said...

Love Love Love the pic of your family through the window! I would frame that one! Great job girlie!!!

Beth said...

Okay, I read your blog everyday and love it. Imagine my surprise and excitement to see you feature one of my photos! Thanks for showing the love (and visiting my photo blog).

PS- That window pic of your family is awesome. Love the moment you captured!

Modern Crush said...

Love it all... especially the picnic shot. We need a pic of the front of your house lady!! xo

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