Thursday, April 1, 2010

Best Day

So I've been a little out of sorts lately. Tired, frustrated with the constant messes....the usual. I got really angry with Shane the other night (for no real reason at all) and he suggested I go get a massage. Hum. That sounded nice.

A massage is wonderful, but it only lasts an hour. I thought instead I would get a Mani Pedi for the same amount of money. That is relaxing and I get to see the results of it for a week or so. Then I though...well, if I am spending the money, maybe instead I could pay a babysitter to come for the day and watch the kids so I can clean. Then I had the most brilliant idea. I could PAY SOMEONE ELSE to clean my house!!!

Yes, today on this most glorious of spring days, two lovely cleaning ladies came and cleaned my house from top to bottom. The fans are dusted. The windows are washed. The microwave is crud-free. The toilets are sparkling. The baseboards are clean! I forget sometimes how lovely my house can be. The kids are currently napping. Am I desperately trying to get some chores in? Oh no, I'm blogging during the day (never happens) and eating chocolate that is supposed to be for Shane's Easter basket. He He. Life doesn't get a whole lot better than this. Of course, I will be asking Shane for a massage tonight. We took a couples massage class and he is a pro.

If you are local and want the name of the cleaning ladies I used, email me. They were fantastic and for $80, a bargain. 


The winner of the Ella's Kitchen Giveaway is Natalie (from Jesse and Natalie), Congrats! and great name :) Email me and I will get you your prize. 


Nikki said...

Ooo, I wish I could have someone come clean my house...AND give me a massage!! You lucky lady!

Modern Crush said...

A VERY cool feeling. That is so rad! I share in your excitement for this, cuz it is all of our dreams! XO!

Dionna said...

What a blessing for you! I've been so unmotivated to clean lately!

Natalie Jane said...

Still clean after 24 hours!

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