Friday, January 1, 2010

Natalie's 10 minute Chow Mein

I attempted Chow Mein without a recipe.

I sliced carrots, celery and scallions. Stir-fried them in vegetable oil until they started to brown. (But still crunchy)

I had my super hot husband shred two rotisserie chicken breasts for me. I added the chicken to the veggie mixture and added a TBS of hoisin sauce, and several drops of sesame oil. Stirred until heated through.

Made $1 worth of Chinese noodles. I found them at the health food store.

Finally I mixed everything together and added soy sauce to taste. It was delicious! Hǎochī!


House Queen said...

Looks yummy!

Melanie Anne said...

Bravo!! That looks sooo good!!
happy New Year1 Your party looks delightful...especially the dancing!

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