Saturday, January 16, 2010

In the rest of the world

I can't watch any more on Haiti today. I've been glued to the set whenever I get a moment. I just want to hold my children a little closer and be grateful they are safe. If you want to help, som
e great ideas here.

In other news, it has been over a month since Susan Powell went missing. I just can't stop thinking about where she could be. I went to high school with her husband, Josh Powell, and I don't want to believe he is capable of something so horrible as killing his wife. I didn't know him well at all, in fact I only remember having one real conversation with him. He was very very odd. On one of my Facebook threads, a friend of mine said "I was on the tennis team with him and he was definitely a weird dude....he's either totally the guy that could do this or weird enough that he actually took his kids camping. Unfortunately, my money's on the former." Still, to think someone who grew up just a few miles from my house doing something so horrible is heartbreaking.

I guess after we have donated what we can to aid the suffering around us, all we can do is pray. And cry. I really do need to stay away from the news for a bit. I've been doing a lot of crying in the last couple days.


Rose and Ivy said...

Hugs from here! You really do have a lot on your mind right now- prayers for your friend and for you. xo

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Same sentiments exactly

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