Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Things can sure change in a decade.

Shane was wearing this jacket when we went on our first real date. 10 years ago next month. Now our darling little girl is wearing it...because we can't afford to buy her her own coat.

Just kidding. :)

Seriously though. I can't find Lydia's coat anywhere and it is calling for snow tomorrow. Snow!!! Too bad it waited to come until the first day back from winter holidays. Want to bet they cancel school, even if the snow doesn't stick?

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Thursday update: No snow yet, but it is supposed to start snowing this afternoon and we may get as much as an inch of snow. Sooo.......most of the school districts are closing early today so that the kids can get home before this horrible blizzard of 2010. One inch. Oh the horror. How will we ever survive.

I am just going to enjoy the "about to snow" smell in the air, get my snow boots out and dream of Washington winters.


Green Acres in the City said...

You can come visit here. WE got 6 inches last night on top of the 5 already on the ground!

Shannon said...

Ha ha. That's so funny. I liked your hint of sarcasm. We are expecting 8-12 inches in the next 2 days, and the ground was already covered. Do they cancel anything? Nope!!

Holly said...

Here in London, we got about an inch of snow and I'm currently enjoying my second day off school!! It's seriously crazy!!

But the teachers put work online for all of us, so I'm just doing school from home! But still, 1 inch? The UK is seriously unprepared for any kind of snow/ice!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ How funny!!! It's so true though... Cracks me up! We have -40 degree weather and 8+ inches of snow and they still dont' call off school... Although today there were about 50% of the students gone from school because their parents vehicles wouldn't start is was SOOO cold... We couldn't get our's started all day until I think 3:00pm and it was about 4 degrees by then. Which is good since Joe had to work tonight! :) Crazy weather!

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