Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Good Day

I have no idea where my journal is, but I have to make note of the great day I had today.
  • It is freezing outside. Which I will admit made our visit to the park a little rushed, but it got me into the holiday spirit pretty fast. Lydia is loving the Christmas music I have been playing in the car which is a fantastic respite from the Wee Sing Silly Songs we usually listen to. Also - my Starbucks Hot Cocoa warmed me right up.
  • Lydia didn't fall asleep for an hour after I put her down for a nap. She played in bed with her stuffed animal. When she did fall asleep, the nap lasted for 3 hours. That gave me 4 hours of alone time this afternoon. 4 hours!
  • When Shane came home he surprised me with the cutest Christmas dish towels from Target along with a gorgeous card. Just because. (I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I thought we needed more romance in our day-to-day routine. Look who is listening....)
  • Went out to dinner with girlfriends. Talked about....... well, the stuff that 6 women talk about when they have a night away from their families :)
  • Went shopping at the mall. Alone. Checked 3 people off my Christmas list. Got great deals. (Like this sweater for Shane on an incredible sale. Gave it to him early. Just because.)
  • Came home to a clean kitchen and a warm little toddler who wanted to get out of bed to be "rocked like a baby". Gladly.

Now off to bed an hour earlier than normal. Yes. This was a very good day.


Are You Serious! said...

♥ That sounds like a really great day! Love the picture and very nice that he's listening! :)

Unknown said...

Did you use to listen to Wee Sing growing up? You are the only other person(besides my little sisters) that has heard of it. Our mother played the tapes all the time and I play the cds for Evie now. Aren't they wonderful?

xcdenke said...

Heavenly is about all I can say! I don't think Xander would even think to buy me festive dish towels. Although, he did babysit today so that I could go get my hair done. I Guess, I think he's pretty great too! Wish I could've been there for the girls' night out!

ZogLady said...

OH WOW! What a wonderful, amazing, relaxing day!

And I'm quite impressed that your Hubby listened! Kudos to him!


As well.... My girls are 3 & just about 5... I love when they just want to be my 'cuddle-bug' or want to be rocked. *sigh*

House Queen said...

Sounds like a wonderful day to me!

Natalie Jane said...

Madeline - As kids we listened to Wee Sing Silly Songs until we broke the tape. :) My mom found it again on CD at Costco. I still remember every line!

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