Saturday, August 9, 2008

Please forgive me...but I just can't resist.

Since Sara doesn't have a blog - I know, blaspheme! - I have to post this adorable photo of my little niece, Lucca. Lydia sent her a Lou Lou. That is the name of Lydia's best friend/snugly. It is a bear in a bunny outfit. (If you were wondering.) I searched for months to find another one. When I finally did, I thought that Lydia's first cousin should have a Lou Lou for herself.

This is Lucca today - 5 days old.

This is Lydia over two years ago. Hum. I am thinking maybe I need another baby. Maybe.

1 comment:

Threeundertwo said...

I love these pictures! And I think you should have another one. Get an extra bear bunny now so you'll be ready.

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