Sunday, August 10, 2008


So I was "tagged" a few months ago by my friend Amy, but I totally forgot. My sister reminded me a little while ago, but to be honest, I didn't have any interesting answers to the questions I needed to answer. So I am changing it to another "tag" questionnaire that I have seen floating around the blogosphere. So here ya go.

Ten years ago I was:
1. Dating a guy who wanted to be a rock star...and kind of wanting to be one myself.
2. Working as a waitress.
3. Learning French
4. Mastering the art of making burritos in the sandwich maker
5. Wondering if I was meant to be an artist. (I wasn't)
Five things on tomorrow's "To Do" list:
1. Work out
2. Read scriptures
3. Giggle, read, color, pretend I am a kitty - with Lydia of course
4. Make a few pairs of earrings
5. Make out with Shane
Snacks I enjoy:
1. Fresh picked fruits and berries
2. Air popped popcorn with Diet Coke
3. 7 layer dip with fresh salsa
4. Anything chocolate
5. Laughing cow cheese spread on french baguette with slices of red pepper on top.

Things I would do if I were a millionaire:

1. Travel
2. Travel
3. Travel
4. Eat at really nice places...while traveling
5. Have everything I wear hand tailored to fit me...and wear said clothing while I travel.

Places I have lived:
1. Spokane, WA
2. Las Vegas
3. Utah
4. Israel
5. North Carolina

Things that infuriate me:

1. Products that require scissors to open.
2. The fact that caffeine has no flavor, yet caffeine free coke tastes gross - just so that we are forced to drink the addictive stuff if we want to enjoy it.
5 things people may not know about me:
I wrote a whole blog on this..... but I will mention that I have seen KISS in concert.
(Don't judge me. Smashing Pumpkins was the opening act.)

I Tag Emily, Abby and Molly (my sisters) and Carrie and Randi - because they also have faulted on Amy's tag.


Unknown said...

You forgot good ol' rexburg idaho! How could you ever forget that one!

Natalie Jane said...

I try very hard to forget that one....

Mommystired said...

So I am guessing that you want to travel.....

Love the rock star shot. That pic is so college :) Oh the days.

NACJMAC said...

I loved this tag better anyway! I love anything you write though! Hope Carrie & Randi will write too- Miss you!

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