Sunday, April 27, 2008

Things you may not know about me....

    I have decided that I am going to print out my blog so that I don't feel as guilty about basically banishing journal writing as of late. I am including this next entry for posterity. I don't expect anyone to read it all.
    But if you are really my friend, you will read it. And comment.
  • When I was 20 I was in a para-sailing accident in the Caribbean. (I survived)
  • I have traveled to - England, Israel, Jordon, Egypt, Italy, Mexico, Guatemala, The Bahamas (Lydia was conceived there) ,The Caribbean and throughout most of the US. Oh, and Canada.
  • I had a wonderful childhood.
  • I have tried to block out Junior high completely.
  • I am the oldest of 5. Sisters include: Emily, Abby and Molly. My brother Zac is not the blogging type.
  • I don't like Red Roses. In high school I worked as a florist at "Just Roses" and haven't liked them since.
  • My maiden name is Natalie Nordstrom.
  • While pregnant I craved Starbuck's Hot Chocolate and hot dogs. (Not at the same time)
  • I used to eat lemons with salt. A lot. I kicked the habit.
  • Several times I have been an actress in a live tour of a western brothel, in which I dressed as an old-time prostitute. The last time, Shane was also an actor. He was dressed as my...client. We basically had to make out for 8 hours while people walked by and watched.
  • My mom's side of the family are cowboys.
  • My dad's side of the family are not.
  • To cheer me up after a hard day, I need a washed face, comfy jammies, a bowl of air popped popcorn and a Diet coke with ice. (And Shane)
  • I love wrapping gifts.
  • I love wrapping Christmas gifts the best. Especially if there is a Christmas cooking show on or a crappy Lifetime "Made for TV" Christmas movie showing.
  • I plan my outfits weeks before traveling so that I can narrow things down to the bare minimum.
  • I miss traveling.
  • My favorite color is yellow.
  • I have copious amounts of Black in my wardrobe and I spend way too much on my jeans.
  • I coupon clip.
  • If I could have plastic surgery, I would have my lips enhanced.
  • My breasts need no improvement.
  • My biggest regret is changing my language of study to French. Had I stayed with Spanish I could have saved myself a couple years of crazed stress to become "fluent" by graduation, and I would have been able to speak Spanish with my fluent husband. For the record, my French is now tres mal. Oh well. C'est la vie.
  • Health Insurance, and the expectation to understand it, scares me deeply.
  • My biggest fear is a rouge peanut.
  • I love to visit my parents. Playing cards with them is in my top ten things to do.
  • My favorite sound is a three way tie between Shane's, Lydia's and my dad's laughter.
  • My childhood imaginary friend was named "Poodo" He was a llama and he hung out with 10 children. At least I used have conversations with "Poodo and the 10 children"
  • If I had a rock band I would call it "Poodo and the 10 Children"
  • I play the guitar.
  • I took years of piano lessons.
  • I do not play the piano.
  • The only thing I really remember about my first kiss was that I was wearing pleated shorts. As bad as that is, my best friend had her first kiss in a brown Pinto.
  • My best friend is Carrie Sanders Denke.
  • I did not cry at my high school graduation. I did cry at my college one.
  • I just had to correct the spelling of the word "College" on the above entry.
  • I am a terrible speller.
  • I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from BYU. My major was Humanities with an emphasis on literature, special studies in French and a minor in Near-Eastern Studies.
  • I am still not sure what job that would qualify me for....
  • I was able to work the system where in I did not have to take a single math class in college.
  • I am worse at math than spelling.
  • I married a guy who was a calculus tutor in college. I don't even know what calculus is.
  • My last meal would include a medium-rare fillet mignon with green peppercorn sauce, loaded baked potato, haricot verts and something rich and chocolate for dessert.
  • dogs with deli mac and cheese with my Dad's chocolate malts for dessert.
  • my nickname in high school was Kiki.
  • My childhood nickname was "Natty Jane". We call Lydia "Liddy-Jane".
  • I do not watch Reality TV. Haven't seen Oprah in over 10 years.
  • My favorite TV shows are "Arrested Development", "The Office", "Lost", "30 Rock" and "Barefoot Contessa"
  • One of my favorite dates of all time included Taco Bell, a foldout sleeper couch and the movie "The Cutting Edge".
  • My worst date of all time included a guy showing me his drug paraphernalia and throwing it off the bridge we were standing on. That was my only date with that individual.
  • One of my college boyfriends tried to convince me that he was a spy. Then he suddenly disappeared. (I had already broken up with him by that time)
  • If I had $5000 to totally blow, I would go on another cruise with Shane and get an incredible camera. And a Kitchen Aid.
  • Shane and I play the "If you had X amount of money to blow, what would you buy?" game.
  • I've kissed Ben Affleck
  • I think that "Never go to sleep angry" Is the worst advice ever. Go to bed. Things are never such a big deal in the morning.
  • I died my hair purple my junior year of high school. But only the ends so that I could cut it off the next week.
  • I had bangs for far too long.
  • My best day was my wedding day. It was perfect.
  • I made a goal to not get married until I graduated from college. I got married a week after graduation.
  • I am pretty good at kick-boxing and self-defence.
  • I am pretty bad at most other sports.
  • I Hate Bryan Adams and Blues Traveler.
  • In my CD player I am currently listening to Death Cab for Cutie.
  • My favorite book is Ender's Game. - Shane's too.
  • Shane was the only guy I ever gave my phone number to after only meeting him once.
  • I totaled my car three weeks after getting my licence.
  • I would love it if the temperature never got above 78 degrees.
  • I have grown to like the way that women in the south call each other terms of endearment like "sweetie" and "hon".
  • I do not like that my (male) OB/GYN called me princess and baby on my last appointment. Eww.
  • I love when Lydia takes long naps. Like right now.


Unknown said...

I read it all and loved learning new things about you. I have always been a fan of you.. You always did such nice things for me. We should probably all get together while you are here.

Natalie Jane said...

That is so sweet! Let's totally get together soon.

beba said...
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beba said...

I'm proud to have you as my visiting teacher.

Emily Taylor said...
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Emily Taylor said...

Oh my gosh, my worst date also showed me drug paraphernalia. Although he didn't throw it over a bridge, he instead told me of his dream of making it to Amsterdam. I don't know what he did really; I hid from him the whole night. That was our last date. I still want to kill Sheri for making me go with him.

Abby said...

My worst date was when I was 19 and included a fat, balding, 29 year old whose forehead and bangs were wet with sweat the entire evening. He sat me down (after the $1 movie theater and eating ice cream from the carton) and pulled out his laptop and for the next 35 minutes showed me picture after picture of his grill, and different pieces of meat he's cooked. I still haven't forgiven Tim for making me go out with him. Emily, I'm totally throwing out the date you made me get out of bed to go on because the guy's date ditched him, and you ended up paying for my movie ticket because he didn't have enough money, and I spent the duration of the movie leaning as close to you as possible and as far from him as I could. Yeah, you're not forgiven either. I only got out of that bed because your date was hot. And ironically, your hot date is now married to Dave's cousin.

kristi lee said...

Well, hon. . .I read it all and love the fact that I know most of those fun facts. A few surprises though!! Enjoy your trip. Koop just saw Lydia's pic and he said, "I miss her."

Oh. . .have a new idea for a bakery. I'll email ya so no ones steals my idea!!!!!!!!!!

April said...

Natalie- you love your maiden name don't you-

so I too had a guy throw out his pack of cigarettes in a river for my love- It wasn't the worse date was kind of fun drama- regretful now but fun then-

I pretended I was the oldest sibling of 12 children. My name was Andrea. The bathroom was also a subway- I would sit on the toilet and talk to other passengers. The toilet paper was the daily newspaper.

um- this was so funny to read-I am seriously so entertained by you Nordstrom girls- Michelle included-Is Emily up there yet?

The Mortensen Clan said...

Hi! I saw you at walmart yesterday and I was so into the delicious sugar cookie that I ate, my brain didn't register that it was you until it was too late. I love your blog and your little girl is sooo cute! Megan Mortensen (Schlerf)

beth said...

I enjoyed reading your fun facts. I love when my kids take long naps, too!

xcdenke said... make me laugh so hard. Every time I read your blog it takes me back to some grand adventures; I think mainly because I have lived almost everyone of those moments with you. Some of the BEST times of my life. The Spy, I totally remember that guy!

BumbleBee Bagz said...

ok Im back blog reading and I cannot believe no one mentioned the obvious.....YOU FREAKIN KISSED BEN AFFLECK....HOW? WHERE? WHEN? WAS IT GOOD? BAD? LIPS SOFT? OOOOMMMMGGGG!!!! TELL ME, TELL ME!

Natalie Jane said...

Oh yea, I did. About a month before I started dating Shane. So that would be Jan of 2000. Met him at a party. We got in a fight. Guess it turned him on because he kissed me. I was too bugged at him to enjoy it, but at least it is a funny thing to blog about :)

Mommystired said...


Amy @ Living Locurto said...

Hi there. I just discovered your blog and happy to say you have great taste in TV shows! ha. Those are all my favorites too. Nice to meet more creative moms online. I will enjoy visiting your site. I like your Barbie blonde hair too:-) Are you having more fun??

Dionna said...

Natalie -
I live in Boise. Have lived here about 11 years. Moved from Oregon so know the difference between "green" and "desert!" Definitely dry here. You'll feel it on your skin - use lots of lotion. But it makes the summers wonderful because there isn't humidity.

Boise is a great area for raising a family. Lots of outdoor recreation and crime is fairly low. We have one mall :)

If you have any questions about anything - please email me ( We have a great church, I can refer you to doctors, dentist, etc.

Would love to meet up with you for lunch! I didn't know you were in Chattanooga. We visited there for the first time this summer. Well, actually we had friends over the border in Georgia and they took us to walk along the river in "chatty." Definitely had a great flavor - that town.

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