Saturday, May 3, 2008

Having a lovely time in Spokane. Lydia is in total bliss.
Miss you Shane.
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beba said...

Lydia is definitely missed here in the South. Kate started crying when I showed her the videos of Lydia on your blog. And then the other day she recognized the road (Apison Pike) we were traveling on as the way to your house. Pretty soon, I heard a chanting from the back seat: "eee-A" "eee-A" "eee-A" (short for Lydia). Anyway, there will be a happy reunion when you get back. I am glad you guys are having so much fun. I will actually be in Utah from May 21 to June 10, so it may be awhile. When do you get back anyway?

Natalie Jane said...

I get back the 21st :( Lydia misses Kate too.

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