Thursday, April 10, 2008

Day off

I didn't fall asleep until 3am last night, so even though Lydia slept in until 7:30, it felt like the dead of night. As Shane is on his weekly business trip, I used my "only in emergencies" TV card and let her watch 30 minutes of cartoons while I sleep until 8.
At breakfast I was still exhausted. I stumbled around the kitchen in a bathrobe, getting Lydia fed and doing some pots that I had soaking from the night before. As I reached for a sponge, one of the pots slipped into the sink, soaking me with grimy cold dish water. Lydia looked at me in alarm. "Mommy wet". With slimy bits of food dripping down my face and hair, I realized I may have hit rock bottom. I turned to Lydia. "Mommy is taking the day off".
The morning was spent lounging in a bubble bath, Lydia spending most of the time washing my back. She really likes that and gets very focused. She didn't want to get out as soon as I did, so while she splashed around, I leisurely got dressed, did my makeup and hair and even had a minute to relax on the bed.
After Lydia was ready for the day, we went shopping. I got a new shirt (75% off!) and she got a swimsuit for our little mini vacation to Nashville in a couple weeks. We then had a pleasant little lunch at Wendys. No tantrums the entire trip!
Lydia laid down for her nap and I told her that it needed to be a long one since it was Mommy's day off. 3 hours later I heard a soft "Mommy. Out now." I had spent the entire time watching Arrested Development and making jewelry.
No cleaning for me today. We spent (what was left of) the afternoon playing outside and picking wild flowers. 78 degrees outside with a fresh grass-scented breeze.
Dinner was spaghetti and fruit. Lydia looked at her plate and asked in her sweetest voice "salad?". Okay. What? Requesting the healthy stuff? This is the best day ever. After salad, I served brownies and ice cream for dessert. :)
Now Lydia is watching Cinderella and bed time is just around the corner. Tonight "30 Rock" and "The Office" are new. I may fold some laundry, but I may not. I may just eat some more brownies.
Hope everyone else had as nice of a day.


Emily Taylor said...
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Emily Taylor said...

Yeah. I could only take "time-off" of work today. I took my book to the bathroom and didn't come out for a long time. I'm sure I made a bunch of people uncomfortable when they sat down and realized that whoever was in the stall next to them wasn't leaving anytime soon. Hope no one had to poop.

just me (Angie) said...

You sound like you had the best day ever. That is something every mom needs, and I have to say your daughter looks so much older then mine and there only three months apart.

beth said...

I need one of those days. I can't even go to the bathroom without a child knocking on the door and asking something. AAAAHHHHH!

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