Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spokane, WA

Hello from the past. I was in the middle of the most amazing springtime weather in Chattanooga and I have traveled back to winter. Okay, I love Northwest winters, but this is ridiculous. Monday in Tennessee I was wearing capris and flip-flops & as I ran errands around Spokane today I was in a winter coat and scarf. It is the end of April! Come on!
So I am here for a month. We came this time last year as well. This allows Shane to get all of the landscaping and other "manly" projects done without interruption and lets Lydia get some Grandparent time in. As for me, I have a few projects of my own to work on.... will update as they progress.
(I've decided that next year we are coming in August when it is 100+ degrees in TN. )

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