Sunday, April 13, 2008

Generation unseX

Shane and I were watching some preview for a teenage movie a while back and he mentioned, "there weren't any girls who looked like that in my high school". I replied, "yes there were, they were just wearing flannel."

I read this interesting article about how generation X is the unsexiest generation. I look back at high school photos and shutter. WHAT WAS I WEARING?! Now honestly, My friends and I had little chance of escaping the fashion depression that was the 90's. Not only was it the high point of third wave feminism, but we lived in Washington State. There was an actual school walk-out the day after Kurt Cobain died. If you weren't wearing flannel shirts, you were a traitor.
Still, as much as I love alternative rock, there was no excuse to what it did to us fashion wise. I wore hiking boots. Everyday. Big baggie sweatshirts. Size XL mens Polo shirts untucked. I can't even talk about the vests. It was bad. I remember when my friend Carrie and I would go shopping we went to a mens shop called J. Riggins. My dad used to joke with my mom that he always thought his daughters would borrow her clothes, not his. My friend Randi and I came to the last day of high school in mens flannel jammies. The funny thing is, we wore the tops to them all the time. We just added the bottoms as a joke.

WHY did we hide ourselves at the time we were so young. I have a few photos of high school were I was dressed up for a date or church and you can actually see a figure there. Everything else is just plaid and frump.

So anyway. I am happy that is over. Though, in 10 years we will be kicking ourselves for hiding our 20-30 something figures in the now trendy maternity looking tops.

A very blurry photo of me in front of Big Ben. You get the idea. (Randi, there were better, funnier photos of bad fashion in England, but you were involved in the mishaps so I refrained. Remember when we tried to dress "sexy"for a night out in London and ran into everyone else. That was humiliating. And I have the photos to prove that incident too...)

Now I dare everyone to put a high school photo on YOUR blog.

(Not of me. Of you. Please not me.)


Emily Taylor said...

What does that say about me. I used to have to sneak your clothes to feel like I fit in. I blame you.

Randi said...

Wow, you nailed it. I seriously was thinking about this we wore mens clothes ALL THE TIME. When I try to think back about what size I was in High School.. I have no idea because it was something like XL or 32x34. J. Riggins, Eddie Bauer and the Gap. Mens. So weird. Flannels, thermal tops and polos. So glad that is over, and thank you so much for not posting our "dress up night" in London. Bless you.

xcdenke said...

LOL! It's funny that Randi mentioned she'd been thinking about all the horrendous stuff we used to wear. I was just talking to one of my girlfriends about that same thing last week. What the HELL were we thinking? I still shutter at the thought of J. Riggins and Eddie Bauer, and even the Gap. Yes, funny to think about how awful we dressed. What a waste of money too. Sad to think I could've bought more Laffy Taffies from the school store. ;)

beth said...

Natalie, you are very funny. I will have to look back at my high school photos now. You have me kind of curious. Although, Kristi did try to help me get through the bad stuff. She has always had an eye for fashion. Thank you Kristi.

Hannah Ashmore said...

I love this post. Elizabeth Forscutt and I wore matching overalls all the time in high school. We knew we were hot stuff in those Gap overalls. I have to say my days in 80s were better with neon biker shorts and five pairs of neon rolled sock oh and lets not forget the shirt tied on the side and the side pony tail. I was a true heartbreaker in all that neon! See you tonight.

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