Friday, August 9, 2013

InstaFriday #43 - C-Section vs Natural delivery?

Ok ladies. (and the three guys who read this blog). I'm freaking out. Like anxiety on crack. 
5 days til baby day.

Don't get me wrong. I'm so very excited to meet my baby next week. I cannot wait to hold her, smell that baby smell and know she is safely here.

But I am freaking out about the c-section.

When I hear about women who choose to have c-section to avoid a vaginal delivery, I feel like slapping the sanity back into them.

C-sections suck. I'm sure deliveries totally suck too. Obviously they do. But c-sections are just setting yourself up for months of pain. Months. There is no jumping up and getting back to normal. Months.

And it really really hurts. From the spinal to the first time you have to go to the bathroom, to the first time you actually try to get back to the gym. It sucks.

Remember the first time I saw myself naked after Collin? Hilarious. And it really hurt.

There are some good things about c-sections I will admit.

If they are scheduled you don't have the waiting game to deal with. No contractions. No labor. No pooping on the delivery table. No episiotomy. And your lady parts all stay intact.

But I'm still a little scared.

Any of you have both a c-section and a vaginal birth experience? Which did you prefer?


Let's focus on better things now, shall we?

Last Saturday I had a full "Day of Me!". Slept in late, then headed to the spa for a "Mom to Be" package. Prenatal massage (bliss), facial and mani-pedi. Enjoyed a quiet home and Cafe Rio while Shane busied the kids with a" fun with daddy day". (Don't feel bad for Shane. He flew to SLC last weekend for a guys trip of golf, off roading and grilling up man food. It was my turn.)

We had a date night at one of my favorite restaurant. At the end of our delicious dinner, our waiter brought out a flaming cotton candy cake. "Congrats on your baby!" he says. Wait. Is it obvious I'm pregnant?!?! I thought I was hiding it pretty well.

Did a little backyard camping. Well, Shane and the kids did the actual camping.
 But I joined them for s'mores. 

Twinkle lights are the perfect nightlight after the fire dies down. 

Best dad ever. 

The last thing to do on Lydia's summer bucket list was to have a family tea party. So I got out all my supplies.... and picked up a Lilly Jane six pack of cupcakes on the way to the spa. Complete with herbal ice tea, it was the event of the season. (My favorite part was the -guess the tea party thing-. Such as "what do you serve with clotted cream and rhymes with trumpet?" "What do you hold up on your hand when you drink and it rhymes with stinky?" Collin's question "what is pink and rhymes with (the four letter) F---?" ....."Cupcake!" Well, that doesn't really rhyme, but good try.

Lydia started school! It took an hour to decide on this outfit.
And this was the last "Shake it Up" backpack in Boise.
Princesses are SO out.

One little second grader found this in her lunch box on her first day of school. (Helped me deal with the guilt of putting her in school when it's still the beginning of August. I just have to keep telling myself three weeks of Fall break, and three weeks of Spring break.) P.S. Claire's is having a great deal on clearance right now. I stocked up on lydia's friends b-day gifts and stocking stuffers. Most stuff is a buck.

I had a baby shower! More pics of that, once I get around to actually looking them. 

I did get the peep toe shoes I was hoping for. :)

Saw a glimpse of my baby yesterday, the last until I meet her on Wednesday. My house is covered in the flowers from my shower, and Shane is home from his business trip and wrestling with the kids in the other room. It was a good day.

Happy Weekend!

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Shannon said...

Good luck! I had my first three natural and my last one was ER c/s. it SUCKED I'd never wish that on anyone. I'd choose natural anyday!

Susan Sene said...

I had a csection with my first - unnecessary brought on by unnecessary induction. Had a vbac with my second and am currently 41 weeks - planning another vbac.

I know several women who loved having csections because they could plan around it so well. I personally would NEVER want another csection because the recovery is just a lot harder and there are more risks involved because it's a major surgery. I'm not sure why you're having a csection...I know sometimes they are necessary and I'm thankful it's an option for those. I just wish they weren't done so frequently when it's not necessary.

Best wishes to you!! Regardless you will be able to hold your sweet baby very soon! How exciting!

Elizabeth Peterson said...

Less then a week! So exciting! I wish you well with everything and hope that things go really smooth and recovery is not as terrible or long as you remember! Love!

Gilbert Family said...

I've had 3 c-sections and none of them were bad. I've never had a natural delivery so I really don't have an experience to compare to it but I've heard too many things that happen POST natural birth that makes me choose a c-section ANY DAY!! As far as recovery goes...the sooner you get your body moving and back to normal, the faster you heal (just like any other surgery). Mind over matter!

Whitney @ Work it Mommy said...

You made me laugh when you mentioned "pooping on the delivery table" that terrified me too, but it didnt happen (thank God) I think any way your baby comes is a blessing! Best of luck to you and your family!
Whitney @

RachaelMik said...

Vaginal is better. In the aftermath both hurt, just in different locations. I hated not being able to get up and around after the c-section. It just didnt feel natural and right.

Candice said...

I can tell you that c-sections were much better for me than natural. My first 2 were natural and horrible deliveries #2 was almost emergency c-section. The last two were c-sections and much better over all! Recovery after the second c-section was easier than the first. Took it easy the first 2 weeks after and that made a HUGE difference!

Good luck! It will be great and wonderful. And anything is better than being 9 months pregnant in the heat we are currently having!!!

Natalie Jane said...

Oh no doubt. This heat is killing me. I'm blaming it for how swollen I am. Instead of the 30 pounds I've gained :)

Cheryl said...

I am so with you. I do not get it when people choose c sections.
I had to have one with my first because I never dilated past a one. Even after 14 hours of labor and being given meds to make it happen.
That one wasn't too bad but it did take a while to recover from.
I had been dead set on having natural childbirth and had been doing hypnobirthing at nights to prepare and was pretty sad that I didn't get the opportunity.
My second I though about trying to do a VBAC but my doctor said he wouldn't do it. My second one was horrible from start to finish and took even longer to recover from.
I hate them.
At least they are fast and planned though. That part is good.

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