Friday, August 2, 2013

InstaFriday #42 - Almost there!

I'm a little late on InstaFriday today. Kind of behind on everything that isn't baby or back to school related. Lydia starts school next week and this baby is coming in 12 days!!!!! My stomach is officially stretched to capacity. I need to enjoy it. Last days of my last pregnancy. 

(My mom asked my sister "Why is Natalie always taking photos of herself in front of her bathtub?" Apparently she is unaware of the need for a mirror in a body selfie.)

We've been cramming everything we can into these last weeks of summer.

My failed attempt at pancake art. They were supposed to be targets. Lydia came in and said. "Yum! Pancake boobs! We should eat those with milk!!!"

Just got Lydia's "big sister desk" set up. (I stole her bookshelf for the nursery.) I'm thinking that my seven year old might be a wee bit spoiled.

Took her school shopping today. 
Yes. A little spoiled indeed.
(H&M has the cutest kids clothes!)

The best thing about being 9 months pregnant in mid summer is I'm completely buoyant! 

Went to see "Turbo" and totally cried. 

The kids aren't allowed to turn on the TV without permission, so when I sleep late, they have to find ways to keep themselves occupied. Sounds good to me! 

As long as it isn't with permanent markers.

My sisters, Molly and Emily, came to visit for a few days with their kids. 
No one knows what natural hair color any of us have anymore. 

Lydia decided Collin and Thomas needed to do a fashion show. In her clothes.

Molly distracted them with a little "Subway Surfer."

Headed to Eagle Island for an afternoon and enjoyed the sensation of my non maternity tankini cutting off my circulation. 

Worth it though. Everything is more fun with cousins. 

The house seems awfully quiet now that they've gone.

(Which I guess is okay since in TWO WEEKS, 
we will have brought a screaming baby home from the hospital!!!!)

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Anonymous said...

What a fun week! Visiting from instafriday!

Lauren said...

I LOVE that Colin's head says "nerd" across it. Hysterical!

My Name is JACY said...

You look great Natalie! I died laughing at the pancake boobs... drink with milk part... haha!

The Thomas Family said...

I got a chuckle out of those pancakes & her reaction!

Watch out ...third borns can be a tad high maintenance ;) My only reference is out of four perhaps as "the baby of the family" it won't be the case ;)

Eagerly anticipating her name....way more than princess Kate's George!

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