Monday, August 12, 2013

All Packed! What's in the hospital bag?

Ahhhh! It's Monday afternoon and I have so much to do before I head to have this baby on Wednesday! Oh wait. No I don't. I've been a nesting freak for a week and I'm pretty much done. It helps to have some freezer meals put away, laundry done and a visit from a house cleaner this morning. A few finishing touches and the nursery will be done by the time I get home from the hospital. (That's up to Shane.) I've got a bassinet in my bedroom, a pack and play in the guest room (in case I have to head up there due to somebody's snoring.) Been typing up a list of "Grandma Notes" for my mom while she holds down the fort. 

Last thing I did was to check my hospital bag to make sure I have everything I need. I have to lay everything out to make sure I didn't forget anything. It's an OCD thing for me. I'm always interested by people's options on what to take to the hospital when having a baby. I'm having a c-section, so I'll be there a little longer than most. Here's what I packed:

1. Two very comfortable night gowns that open to nurse. I like white since you can bleach it. 

2. A light cardigan. I think a robe is a little much to take, but a cardigan can be a nice staple you can sleep and nurse in. 

3. Money for the vending machine. All ID's and insurance cards. Basically I just bring my wallet.

4. Clothes to wear home. A soft shirt and a pair of light yoga pants that I wore at 9 months pregnant so I know they will be gentle on my incision. 

5. Flip flops.

6. Fluffy socks.

7. A book. 

8. Small gifts for the nurses. (That's what's inside that little tan box. I have handmade earrings, small cards, a pen and cellophane bags. That way I can personalize them while at the hospital. I prepared for 5 nurses, but again, I'll be at the hospital about 4 days.)

9. Two nursing bras. One day time nursing bra for going home. The rest of the time I'll wear a uber-comfy nighttime nursing bra. They sell them at Motherhood. 

10. Disposable nursing pads. My milk comes in fast. 

11. A couple heavy duty maxi pads. They have some at the hospital, but they are gigantore, and too big to wear home. - I don't bring my own underwear. I personally like the mesh ones they provide and usually end up getting the nurse to give me several to take home. 

12. Video camera. 

13. Phone charger and phone.

14. Sleep mask and ear plugs for when the nurses take the baby to let me sleep. 

15. Wisp brushes - for a quick teeth cleaning without having to get up. I throw up after delivery, so this is a must for me. 

16. Face towelettes. Again, a way to refresh without getting out of bed. 

17. My own toiletries - face wash, soap, lotion, shampoo and conditioner. Lip balm, toothbrush, deodorant, hair bands. (My make up is not photographed.)

18. Baby nail clippers. I wished I had this with my last baby since they didn't have any available. 

19. Coming home clothes for the baby. I have two outfits. A newborn and a 0-3 months. My doctor thinks the baby will be small, so I want to have both options. Also baby socks and baby gloves. 

20. Muslin baby blanket. Good for a little extra coverage with nursing and to tuck around baby on the way home. 

21. Burp cloth. 

22. Snacks. A few things to snack on when meal service isn't available. I actually made some of those scotcharoos last week and froze them to take with me. Yum. 

23. Not photographed - my own pillow (A MUST), laptop and my nursing pillow. 

What do you think? Am I missing anything that you loved having at the hospital?

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Push Pop Mama said...

I loved my ipod. Calming music.

wendy holt said...

Is Shane staying at the hospital with you? You might want a change of clothes for him. Ben went home every night so he was fine. I also brought "presents from the baby" for my kids, and as much as my nurses did for me, the CNAs also did a ton for me. My hospital also had a DVD player in the room and DVD rental kiosk in the lobby. It was kind of nice to zone out to a movie, good luck friend!! It's been fun being pregnant buddies with you, but it is super awesome to be snuggling my little one.

Leah McDaniel said...

Given the hormones that are going to be storming your body, you may want to choose a different book :) Just a warning.

amydear said...

The hospital here stopped giving out pacifiers, so if your baby might use one, I think it's BYO. And that book is good, but sad, so you might want a more light-hearted option. Have you read the Lady Georgie mystery series by Rhys Bowen?? It's called Her Royal Spyness and is so funny and clever.

Elizabeth Peterson said...

Looks like you are way more prepared then I ever was with any of my babies. Good luck!

Natalie Jane said...

Ooo, good to know with the book. I'll pick a happier one and save this one for a nice Winter read.

Wendy - I'm so jealous!

Kathleen W. said...

I hope everything goes well! I'll be thinking of you and praying for an easy recovery. Having had 2 Cs myself, I know what you're going through. Those hours before the surgery were torturous for me, but everything went well. Modern medicine is amazing.

All the best!

Kiley said...

How exciting!! I like taking my own bath towels ... The hospitals are never big enough and smell funny. Best wishes tomorrow!

Unknown said...

I am OBSESSED with that pendleton bag you used for the hospital!! I want to get one for when I travel and for my upcoming delivery :) Where did you get it and do you happen to know what the name is of that pattern?

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