Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Little Summer Baby Shower

I recently threw a little shower for my friend Sally who is having a girl just two weeks before me. 

Perfect timing since I am soooo baby hungry!

My basic party make-up always includes flowers and candles. Always. 

Don't throw away those old binkies! Just cut off the rubber part and string them for a cute shower garland. 

Lots of fresh summery food:  Watermelon, tomato basil pizza cut into appetizers, infused water, hollowed out baguette slices filled with dip and veggies and chips with pico de gallo. 

I used the William-Sonoma Message in a Cookie cutters to make a little personalized dessert. 
(This recipe works great for this particular cookie.)

I paired it with a white chocolate mousse and berries. Yum.

I wanted to do a game of some sort so I could give out a couple prizes. 

But I never really love baby shower games. 

Instead, I thought we would do a craft that could win a prize for the maker. 

I cut hearts into felt. Threaded needles with embroidery thread.

At the party, everyone stitched together one heart, leaving about an inch of of the heart open. Then they placed their names inside the heart. 

The guest of honor picked two hearts out of a hat and the people whose hearts were chosen got a prize.  

After the shower, I stuffed the hearts with filler, finished stitching......

And now Sally has cute piece of nursery decor made from all her friends. 

(Burlap flower from Hobby Lobby.)

Congrats Sally! Can't wait to see your baby (i.e. my baby's new best friend!)

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pandaandlion said...

Wow! That was really creative. Looks like the perfect baby shower. I may or may not steal some ideas next time I give one of my friends a baby shower.

Bidwell said...

SO cute! Wish I could have been there but when I get back I totally plan on snuggling those babies!!!

Sarah said...

I love the heart decor! It's a really good idea!

Unknown said...

What cute ideas! Now someone needs to throw you a baby shower just because it would be so fun to celebrate with ya! :)

Natalie Jane said...

Madeline - my shower is coming up!

Sally said...

Thanks again! It was so fun! And I really love the heart decor, it looks so cute hanging up!

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