Friday, July 12, 2013

InstaFriday #40 - A little vacation

Ok, twice a year I have a major photo dump because I've fallen behind in posting. Usually once in summer and once during Christmas. It's time for that. Just warning ya.

It was such a relief to get to Spokane (Greenacres) and recoup for a bit. Being so sick without any help is scary. Shane is wonderful, but when he gets called out of town, there isn't much he can do.

I slept, did embroidery, enjoyed the fresh air and slowly started to feel better. 


My kids had a blast with Grandma. My parent's house is like a full inclusive vacation spot for them.

They took a field trip to our neighbors to collect eggs. 
It's hard for me to crack them. I just want to put them in a bowl and look at them.

My Dad and I took a convertible drive around Greenacres. 
The yellow fields are gorgeous.  

Of course it started to rain.

Not that the kids let that stop their convertible drives. 

After a few days, we finally started to see some sun. 

After that we pretty much stayed outside as much as possible.

Which was great since my sister Abby and her two daughters came to visit as well!

Even naptime is outside.

Liddy and Lexi.

Paige and Collin.

What is summer without cousins?

My brother Zac and sister Abby checked off one of Lydia's summer bucket list items by taking her to the lake for some fishing.

Sand time.

And a fancy lunch.

Zac and his girlfriend also invited us ALL over for dinner to their immaculate apartment. 
I don't think they had any idea what they were getting into. :)

Their dog might need therapy.

One day it was so beautiful we took a little hike around my parents property.

We collected flowers. And left the deer poop on the ground. I think.

It is so lovely there. 

Cooled off from the hike. No time to get swimsuits on!

YAY!!!! Shane arrived for our last weekend. We put him right to work to build us a fire. 

No trip to Spokane is complete without a trip to the Harvest House at Greenbluff for produce and pumpkin doughnuts. 

My Dad and Collin making scrunchy noses. 

Ha! When I first saw this photo I thought they were praying. But then I remembered it was of their horrible despair of being served roast and veggies. Little spoiled brats :) my word! There is koolaid on the table and pie for dessert!

On the way home, we took the longer route and stopped in McCall, ID. 

Shane and I will totally be heading back there for a romantic weekend. 

Oh wait. I'm about to have a baby. two years we will be heading their for a romantic weekend.

For now, we will have to enjoy our cozy backyard and the rest of our Boise summer.

Swim lessons. 

Snow cones at the park.

Summer holidays.

And trying my best not to actually have to cook anything.

(Happiness is finding all the fixings for a yummy summer lunch all ready in the fridge. And then being so full there is no other option than to lay on the couch and instagram it.)

And pretty much just relaxing together at home.

It's been a pretty good summer so far. 

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This is the 40th instafriday, so that means I owe one of you a pair of handmade earrings! Leave a comment below and I'll choose one randomly to receive a little fun mail. :)


Ellen said...

Love your blog - have a great weekend!

Sarah said...

Lydia is getting so much older looking these days!!

The Wheeler's said...

Love love all the pictures! Ashley wheeler

Angela King said...

Grandma's playroom looks like a tv set! I love that your photo dump is my weekly instafriday. lol. And that last food pic? Looks perfectly delicious.

Jenny said...

Your summer looks so fun!

Traci Michele said...

down right beautiful pics!

Visiting from insta-friday! Love, Traci Michele

tarheelmom said...


Katrina said...

Love insta-friday's! Wish I had a blog when my kids were little :( Enjoy the rest of your summer and get all the rest you can before #3 arrives! :)

The Pick's Patch said...

Can I go to Grandma and Grandpa's next summer? It looks like the perfect place for kids and relaxing!!!

Amber Elise said...

Spokane looks wonderful! What a fun summer!!

Lesli said...

Lovely photos!

Jessie Jones said...

What precious memories! I love your photos - and InstaFriday!

Blair said...

I've probably told you this a dozen times before, but your kids are seriously cute. Can I please go visit your parents' house?

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