Friday, March 15, 2013

InstaFriday #29 - Spring Break Starts and winner!

Oops! First of all, I realized that when I posted Monday's What to Read list I totally forgot the wonderful book I had just finished the night before!

The Story of Beautiful Girl

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
My review:
Such a gorgeous story. Beautifully wound and complex. Incredible to see the shaping of a half a century attitude towards a forgotten group of people. I feel like I will miss the characters I watched grow through a lifetime of grief, trial and yet hope. Powerful and masterfully written.

Feel free to "friend" me on Goodreads. I LOVE seeing what blogger friends are reading.

Second, I found this little treasure on my phone. Enjoy 25 seconds of awesome.

Man they are cute! I can't wait to see what the next one looks like.
(Two weeks until I find out the sex. Any guesses?)

Three weeks of Spring break started on Monday! Yay! (I think)

Spring break day 1. 

Wreck It Ralph 3D. Totally cute movie. We were the only ones in the theater. Lydia wanted money for the next day's trip to the mall so she's attempting to get a loose tooth out. Apparently that's better than washing windows.

Spring break day #2.

Took Lydia out for breakfast at Starbucks, then to the mall to get some shoes. Then watched Collin's music class "concert" and then a picnic at the park. We're in the 60's now!!!!

Spring Break Day #3

What sweetheart? You're not coming home until late again tonight? That's fine. But I'm done parenting starting now. Kids and i are hitting Burger King to let someone else cook and let the play area babysit. Spring break day 3. 17 to go. 

Spring Break Day #4

Craft day!  Our favorite was coloring paper on tops and watching them spin. 
We used Kiwi Crates (LOVE!)
 I'll talk about those in a week or so.

Cool huh?

Just about 18 weeks now. There is officially no hiding this baby bump.

I still have over a week until I find out the sex of the baby, but let's be honest. I'm guessing there's a yellow nursery happening either way. Thinking of buying these Spotty knobs for my babies dresser. My baby! Yay!

Speaking of yellow.....


The randomly selected winner of the Yellow Blogiversay Giveaway is EMH. Congrats!!!! Email me and I will send you your fabulous prize! 

Didn't win? No worries, more giveaways right around the corner!

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Unknown said...

You look beautiful. The top idea looks great, my kids would love it.

Sarah said...

Colin is SUCH a boy!! You look so pretty in that picture!

Elizabeth Peterson said...

Love the dancing moves moves on that boy! I also love your dark hair it is so pretty on you!!

Jessie said...

I'm replying on this older blog post because I guard my favorite baby names from family TO THE DEATH, but I just wanted to say that Greta is one of my absolute favorites and I think you should go for it!!!

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