Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Earning Video Game Time

I had a little discussion over on my blog's facebook page about video game limits. I don't like video games, but the kids really like the game Temple Run on the iPad, so I wanted some advice on setting limits. You can check out some reader's thoughts over on my page.

My favorite advice was to have the kids "earn" their video game play time. This seemed like something we could do. In case you missed my facebook update:

"Shane and I got together and decided that 15 minutes of Temple Run was a good amount of time per day. Each kid has a very easy list of things I want them to do every morning anyway, but usually they are dragging their feet. Today they were running around the house, getting their mini chores done so they could play their 15 minutes. It was kind of great."

Yes, Collin does have to be reminded to wear underwear. He likes underwear. Or pants. But not both.

Do you let your kids play video/phone/iPad games? How to keep it in check?

Any educational games you recommend?

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Rache said...

Stack the States is a great educational game for the children! Congrats on your pregnancy!

The Thomas Family said...

Same time allotment, and almost all our games are educational, so it should count for something...flash to pass (flash cards), motion math hungry fish, & awesome eats to name a few.

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