Friday, March 29, 2013

Insta-Friday #31 - Two more weeks of Spring break. I'm exhausted.

First things first. No, I don't know the gender of the baby yet. It wasn't visible at the ultrasound this week. Hopefully next month. Going crazy! I've never had to wait this long. I'll be half way through the pregnancy on Monday!

But on to better things:

We had two more weeks of Spring Break!
You can see the first week of our break here

Lydia is in a year round school, so we get a Fall and Spring track break of 3 weeks and then 7 weeks of summer.  Personally I love it.

Though it's a lot of work to keep us occupied.

There are a lot of photos here. Just be warned.

While Shane was camping in Moab for the week, the kids and I headed down to SLC for some cousin time. Don't you just love their Tutor home in historical Salt Lake? 

Thanks for your suggestions for things to do in Utah. We had a great time.

We hit Ruth's Diner in the canyon for some serious breakfast.

Then off to the Hogle Zoo.

Then back home for some mud play.

Which Collin found over-rated. 

Aunt Sara had lots of yummy meals planned. 
Make your own pizza night!

Visited the SLC library. Very cool.

Woke up to two inches of snow!

We kept ourselves busy inside.

Collin discovered Aunt Sara's "Super Hero" mask. He was quite excited.

We made easter crafts.

Not as enthralling as stolen iPhone time.

We got the kids out of the house for some jump house fun.

And ice-cream. And gelato. And girl scout cookies.

I got to spend a Girls Night with Kristi, one of my best friends from Tennessee who happened to be in town!

Shane finally got home from his guys adventure. 

We spent a snowy family breakfast all together before we headed back to Boise.

After a week of perfect weather, Shane and his BIL weren't happy to see the snow.

(They tell me no damage was done to the car in their off roading experience.)

We got back to Boise just in time for me to meet up with friends for a little girl pampering time.
I'm the one with the boring pink toes. 

I just don't do designs.

This week the kids finally did enough extra chores to earn a trip to Build-A-Bear.

Lydia looks homeless. Mostly because she really does prefer the hobo look.

Yesterday we had a muffin morning. Which means I made muffins the night before hoping it would keep the kids from waking me up for breakfast. 
It didn't, but they didn't wake up until 8:45am, so I wasn't too sad about it.
They asked me to read "If You Give A Moose A Muffin." They laughed and laughed.

We then spent the day with friends at their country home.

The kids can't wait for next month when this epic tree house will be done.

Picnics in the field.

We even explored the old barn. It smelled like horses and hay. 
Smells from my childhood with my "cowboy" family.

Whew!!!! That was quite a Spring Break! I'm tired. And now I have Easter to plan! I'm thinking I may make it a grill outside day and let Shane take the reigns. I need a serious nap.

Besides that 4 hour one I took last Sunday.

Hope everyone had a great Spring break!!!!

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