Thursday, March 7, 2013

InstaFriday #28 - Everyone be nice to me!

Ah. The second trimester. A wonderful time. You are just pregnant enough that people can tell, but not so much that you're huge and uncomfortable. You feel good. Sleep is possible again. And everyone is treating you extra well.

Oh my word, BEST THING EVER. If you remember on facebook, I said that I had decided to treat myself to a visit from a cleaning lady to help out with what I hadn't been able to keep up with.

She cleaned all 4 bathrooms from top to bottom and my kitchen.

Better than a spa treatment! I'm totally making this a monthly thing at least. 

I mean, I'm pregnant here. I need help!

Anyone know a good personal chef who will work in exchange for homemade jewelry?

(If you need a good cleaning lady in the Eagle/Meridian Area, email me for details. My lady is awesome.)

Lydia had inservice last week so I was hoping for a tiny sleep in. I was shocked when I woke up at 9:30, a full two hours after my normal wake up. Turns out, before Shane came to bed, he made "comfy beds" on the couches for the kids and before he left for work he set out snacks and turned on cartoons. When the kids came downstairs they didn't even come into my room.  It was blissful.

I wasn't able to attend one of our Family Home Evenings, so Shane did a lesson on "What we can do to help mommy."

I came home to find the above notes with my family's plans.

(Collin's says "Laundry and Dinner".)

Shane fulfilled his "plan" all in one night. He came home from a trip to Seattle with take-out dinner from the local Chinese restaurant and with treats from Pikes Place market. Nothing says love like lavender bath salts and ridiculously overpriced chocolate bars. Lots of cuddle too.

Collin has attempted to help me with laundry. Mostly he drops it.

But I do get lots of cuddle from them too!

They like to shout at my belly to talk to the baby. 

In other news, we are ready for Spring. Big time. 
Cabin fever has lead us to Gillian Michael's with lego weights.

And we need it. When it's cold, I like to bake.

Loved this lemon cream cheese pound cake with strawberry sauce. 
I used this recipe, adding 1/2 tsp baking powder and 3 TBS of lemon zest to the batter. 

Just look at how reverent our family prayers are!
Can someone say too much sugar!

We had a detox day to make up for it.

And lastly, my kids seem to be totally obsessed with playing Temple Run on Shane's iPad. Collin waits all day for Shane to get home, then rushes him into the study and they sit and play.
 It's pretty sweet actually. 

Ok, that's our last couple weeks. I wonder how long this little pampering will go on. :)

life rearranged


Priscila@mommode said...

Aww you have such a sweet family! They seem to be taking great care of you. :) That cake looks delicious, Im gonna have to try it sometime. Thanks for stopping by my blog! ;)

Mandy Ford Art & Illustration said...

What a sweet family you have! And yay for a clean house! It really is the best way to lighten a woman's mood. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Melodee said...

awe! love your "things to help mommy" how cute and sweet! happy Friday!

Unknown said...

Having your kids work out is the best way to tire them out! "Let's play this fun game where we see who can do the most jumping jacks" always ends in the longest afternoon nap :)

Have a great weekend!

Melanie Anne said...

You are looking darling!! It is fun to follow you on Instagram and keep up with your darling family! We miss you guys in Tennessee! xoxo

I notice you don't have a stupid phrase I have to type in to leave a comment. Do you get a lot of weird spam comments without it? I try and leave it off mine and I get a gazillion computer generated ones--so annoying!

Natalie Jane said...

I used to get spam, but once I updated blogger, it stopped. Not sure why.

Elizabeth Peterson said...

You are one Beautiful pregnant lady! COngratulations on having a cleaning lady! That sounds amazing!!!

Anne aka Mimi said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog & leaving a comment. It is so nice to meet you and your cute family. I loved the 2nd trimesters, too. Enjoy it. And definitely milk the pampering thing! How awesome are your kids and your honey for doing that?! I love the temple run picture. That really is sweet. xo, ab

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