Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Princess Party

I know everyone has been biting their nails in anticipation to see photos of Lydia's princess party. No? Oh, that must just be my mom. In any case, here they are:

Right after Lydia woke up, Shane and I gave the birthday girl her first gifts. A princess dress and a REAL tiara!

I'd like to say that I served only healthy refreshments....but on the counter are boxes of pizza and glasses of pink lemonade.

The entertainment...Princess Sing A-long Movie.

As a side note - I am really not a fan of the of the big screen TV above the fireplace. I hope this architectural trend doesn't last long. We bought our home new, but finished, so we didn't have a choice on this particular element. Our next house will have a nice empty mantle all ready for Christmas stockings and family photos. The first architect who designed the big screen TV above the fireplace was most definitely a man.

So about the cake....I decided to try and do the entire thing myself. I'm not too bad at cupcakes, so I thought, how hard can it be? Apparently I need to take a few cake decorating lessons. Still, it tasted good.

And of course, after all the effort, Lydia would have nothing to do with it.

Opening treat bags. I can't believe my stomach is already that big.

Lydia got so many great gifts. I have to say though, I am obsessed with these dolls that my sister Emily made. I want to design Lydia's new room around them.

Since Lydia was turning three I told her she could invite three princesses to her party. They all looked so adorable!

In all, Lydia's day was a fun success.
Thank you to everyone who helped make it special.


Crissybug said...

What a fun day for Lydia! Your cake turned out good! Don't discount your efforts.

Natalie "The Pampered Mom" said...

Looks like you guys had a fun day ... I love the tiara!

Brooke said...

Your cake turned out Great Natalie!
Great pictures!


Are You Serious! said...

♥ what a fun party! The girls and their little dresses are adorable! the cake looks great! :)

Kelli said...

so sweet!

Unknown said...

So cute. I look forward to princess parties with Evie. I think you did a beautiful job.

Unknown said...

It looks like you had a grand time and I think your cake looks great! So sorry that she wasn't interested. SHe's a beautiful little princess though.

Nama said...

She's so precious! And I love those dolls, too. How cute!

House Queen said...

Beautiful princess! I think the cake looked great! Looks like a very fun party!

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