Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentine Birthday Brunch

This weekend we had a Valentine Birthday Brunch for Lydia. Everything pink and brown, dainty and girly.

Front and back of the invite.

I am in love with these banners. They are from the famous emmie cakes. I figure I can use them for years. My friend Kristi made the paper chandelier. Someday she and I will go into the party planning business together. :) Hey, it could happen.

The Pin the Tail on the Donkey isn't quite as fancy.
"Kate, put the tail on the donkey".
"But I can't see!"

Brunch was simple but yummy.

Chocolate covered Milano cookies.

I was thinking of doing quiche, but then Shane had the brilliant idea of doing sausage "pigs in a blanket". Straight out of one of Lydia's "Fancy Nancy" books. She was so excited!

Chocolate and raspberry muffins. Lydia made them. (I helped a little.)

Why not make it an indoor picnic?

Instead of gifts, we asked for the girls to bring handmade Valentines to exchange.

Then we made a little craft.

Each girl got a crown and sparkly stickers to decorate. (Fun, easy and very little mess.)

So fancy.

Poor Collin. Banished to the living room.

Each mommy took home some chocolates as a little thank you gift. The girls each took home a felt necklace.

The hit of the party? The castle Lydia received from Santa this Christmas. They played for so long, we mommies got a nice long chat in. (Mostly labor horror stories. My favorite!)

Thanks for coming little ladies!

Hope your birthday was wonderful sweetheart.


Dave and Abby said...

Oh Nat, this is awesome. I got some great ideas. I'm just sorry Paige wasn't old enough (or close enough) to attend her cousins party. But my favorite photo was poor banished Collin.

Sarah Larsen said...

Love it. You're such a good mama. I hope I have at least 1 girl so I can do girly things like these.

P.S. E has the same jungle jumperoo!

Unknown said...

Thats so cute! Haha i agree with abby. Collin was my favorite picture. I wish I could go to her birthday party.... adorable

Modern Crush said...

Wonderful!! That picture of Shane amongst the ladies is priceless. His expression is like he is not even surrounded by all those little girls... just gettin' a muffin, hahah!! Wow, you really know how to throw a party!

The Jimmy Harry Family said...

I loved all the great photos and party ideas. I've been following your blog and love your jewerly line. HUGE QUESTION! What would you do... i'm expecting baby #4 and really don't want a baby shower, but would love to have a girls nightout, great food some fun crafts (stenciled onsies) and great company. However, I'am totally blank. What to do? The get together would be mid june and baby is due in Aug. Any ideas or great websites for party favors and food ideas?

Janna said...

Oh my gosh you can expose me in more ways than one! :) Loving your pics Natalie and can you throw a party for my 3 year old....

Suzi K said...

I used your idea for the Milano chocolate covered cookies for my latest girls night-thank you! I gave you link credit on my blog.;-)

testing 1 said...

You are a girl after my own heart, covering Milano cookies in chocolate...the party is adorable!!! And I love the look on your son's face, missing all the fun :)

Thank you for entering your pics and good luck!

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