Wednesday, November 28, 2012

For the ladies in your life....Christmas Pick List

Time to head out to find the perfect gift for the the special women in your life.
I have a few ideas I thought I'd share.

For the new mom. 
A vintage lamp from brand new Etsy shop Penelope Plum would be one of those...Gasp. "I LOVE it!".. gifts. I personally have two and I'm obsessed with them. They make a nursery or playroom. This would be a darling and unique surprise for any hipster baby.

Want to make the baby gift yourself? Get a crochet pattern from Bootie Heels. Ridiculously darling.

For your mom.

The Baby's Bundle has gads of great gifts for babies and new moms. But my favorite item is something for any special woman, the adult minky throws. Its the most luxurious blanket you will ever sleep with. I have one, but as you can see, Lydia steals it from me daily. I've given up and let her keep it on her bed. Which means I'll have to get another one for myself. I promise, your mom will love it. Color requests are taken. (Mine in yellow on the other side)

For your best friend or sister.

I have this wallet from Happy Kathy and I get compliments wherever I go. Once in a meeting, the person speaking asked me to hold it up to show it to the 50 other women gathered. :) It's gorgeous. A perfect gift for the stylish women. 

For your little girl.

For less that $6, the Melissa & Doug Sticker Collection - Fashion is my most favorite little girl gift. Over the past few years I've bought Lydia about 5 of them and each time it totally consumes her free time for about 4 days. I give her a huge stack of copy paper and she designs outfits for hours. When she's done, you toss the book and call it good. Perfect add on gift for Christmas morning. 

(Add it to your amazon purchase to help you get to free shipping over $25)

For a young woman. Or really anyone special.

One Line a Day - A Five Year Memory Book. The 365 daily entries appear five times on each page, allowing users to revisit previous thoughts and memories over five years as they return to each page to record the current day's events. I've been using mine for 2 years now and I'm so grateful for the small details of my day that I have forever recorded. I bought mine at Urban Outfitters, but it's also on amazon and Barnes and Noble. There is also one for the New Mom.

For the teacher.

I have a couple friends who are teachers and I asked them what they like to get as "teacher gifts". Both said...nothing with apples! I guess it's common for teachers to be bombarded with apple themed stuff, so stay away from that. Personally I think its best to get something you would like to receive. Like a $10 gift certificate to Starbucks (Who doesn't want a nice hot chocolate this time of year?) Maybe some Burt's Bees hand lotion? I also love this snack bag from Better Life Bags. Something stylish for your child's teacher to toss in her bag before heading out to the classroom. Check out the bags too! So cute!

I love looking for the perfect gift. Hope this list helps. As for me, can someone hint to Shane I want to find the Michael BublĂ© christmas album in my stocking this year? Or this necklace. Whichever. 
Don't forget to enter to win a $100 gift certificate to Stanley Steemers! 

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