Friday, November 16, 2012

InstaFriday #22 - Florida

(This very long post is mostly for the grandparents. But you're welcome to read it too!)

Our trip to Florida was wonderful. Perfect weather, fantastic company. 

As soon as we walked out of the airport, I breathed in the humid air and felt at home.

I miss the South.

My sister Molly lives in Jacksonville and we stayed the first couple days with her family in their adorable home. 

The first day we just laid around in our jammies and ate Molly's yummy cooking. 

(Molly, you and Wayne are the best hosts!)

The next day we hit the beach. First time the kids had ever seen the ocean.

First time ever building a sand castle. 

Lydia was a pro.

She also had no fear wading right into the water.

Collin on the other hand, stayed safely on the shore. 

Daddy was brave enough to join her.

Collin was pretty excited when suddenly the tide came in and a little kiddie pool appeared.

Sweet cousin Sam was the most excited though.

After practicing for a bit in the kiddie pool....

Collin let Daddy take him out into the water. 
"Just hold on tight Daddy!"

We need to move to a costal city.

But, having a sister who does is a good alternative. 

Next we headed over to Orlando. Kids swam for a bit, grown ups played some cards.

Next day we hit Disney World!!!

Little tip. Head to Disney World on a rainy election day.

You won't stand in a single line.

You'll just ride all day long.

"Smile Collin!"

I love that my daughter is still young enough to wave to the princesses. 

It was the perfect day. 

 Shane and I headed back that evening. 
Disneyworld is pretty romantic at night. 

We headed to Universal Studios Island of Adventure next. 

Seuss Landing is pretty cute. The kids could have stayed there all day.

They rode the carousal like 5 times. 

There wasn't any wait time at the the Universal rides either. 

Lydia liked Camp Jurassic the best. 

"Watch out Liddy!!!!"

For me, it was ALL about Harry Potter Land. It was incredible. 

Nothing like $4 lollypops at Honeydukes!

The good dads took the kids off for a few kiddie rides. 

Which left the moms free to rock Hogswarts.

Down some Butterbeer. 

So good! Recipe here

And head to Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. 
Which is pretty much the coolest ride imaginable. 
It was like actually being in Hogwarts. Fantastic. Worth the price of admission just to do it. 

Molly and I were totally dorks and discussed which "house" we would be in. She said I'd be in Hufflepuff. I still haven't forgiven her. 

Another great day.

Shane and I had our fill of amusement parks, so the next day we left the kids with my sister and headed to a beach hotel in St. Augustine. And slept for the entire afternoon.

Woke up in time for a romantic date night.

Then back for a night of uninterrupted sleep. 

Shane and I like to vacation the same way. 
As long as there is plenty of sleep, food and relaxing, we're happy.

The next morning we took a little stroll down the beach.

Climbed the St. Augustine lighthouse. 
It was terrifying. 

Toured the the Castillo de San Marcos. 

Walked around the town, ate food that our kids would have hated and daydreamed about moving to a beach bungalow. 

Pretty much the best vacation ever.

(Thank you again Molly and Wayne. We miss you guys!)


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Colorado76Gal said...

Wasnt that ride at Harry Potter crazy!!! It was amazing….I just came back from a conference where they rented out HP for an entire evening….perfect way to see it!!

Cari said...

Glad you had a good time, FL is our favorite place to vacation!

Amy F. said...

Wow, what a vacation! We love to visit Florida! You have such a beautiful family.

Sara Lynn said...

Great pictures! It looks like ya'll had a great time! I can't wait to get back to Florida! It has been a few years for me!

Kristin said...

haha!! Hufflepuff because the house color is YELLOW! :) So jealous you guys got to go to HP world. Love the beach pics.

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