Saturday, December 1, 2012

Snowy Pine Cones

While pulling out the Christmas decorations this week, I was thrilled to find a "craft crap" box I packed away back in Tennessee. It was filled with glitter. Glitter! Shane was confused at my total elation at finding so much forgotten glitter. That made me feel bad for him. Doesn't he know the possibilities that lie within a box of glitter?

I have been wanting a simple Christmas centerpiece for our kitchen table and as soon as I saw a tub of white glitter, I knew I was going to make me some snowy pine cones.

My mom brought me some pine cones from her yard a while ago. I dipped them in watered down modge podge and then into a bowl full of white chunky glitter. I wanted it really coated to look like snow. I let them dry overnight, then sprayed an acrylic coat. 
That last step is optional. 

Added in some fresh pine from our doorway garland, a few bunches of berries and you have the prettiest winter centerpiece around. White glitter is awesome because, just like real snow, there is only a hint of sparkle. 

Now. What else in my house can I glitter up.......



Congrats! Email me and I will get you your prize. 

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