Monday, October 22, 2012

Meet a Mintie!

If you've read my blog long, you know I love Minted. I've ordered my Christmas cards from them, Easter cards, party invites, party decor, and stationary. Great modern design, thick quality paper and wonderful customer service. 

I pretty much freaked out when I found out Minted is now selling art prints! These prints are by independent artists from all over the world.

I happen to know that gallery walls are all the rage now. Just look at this photo I took of my friend, Zooey Deschanel's, bedroom when we were having a little slumber party the other night:

Or this may be a screen shot from the season premire of "The New Girl". Either way.

Design Crush used several Minted Art prints to show you how to do the perfect gallery wall.

I was totally thrilled when one of my readers/friends let me know that after clicking my blog link to Minted, she discovered Minted's search for designers

She entered a piece and won! Now you can order her print!!! So exciting.

This is Laura with her gorgeous original painting. 

And here's the print!

And all the sizes you can get it in.

Love it.

I thought it would fun to get to know the artist behind the art so I asked Laura to tell me a little about herself.

I Studied Art and Graphic Design at Utah State State University, since then, we have
been doing a lot of traveling as a military family. One place we more recently lived was
Okinawa, Japan. We were there for 3 years with our 3 young children, 2 of whom were
born there. What a wonderful place to have the chance to live and experience a
different culture and language. It definitely has influenced the way I look at life and also
my design. We now live in Meridian, ID. I have continued to try and fit in time for
designing and my art. I have been blessed to be able to do some design work from
home while still being with my kids. I was excited to recently be involved with some
various art challenges through It has been a blessing to have an outlet for
something I love and to be exposed to great designers & their amazing work. I am also
presently the art mom for my sonʼs first grade class. What a great experience to go back
to the basics and see little artists who truly enjoy the process. 
In the words of PabloPicasso, “All Children are artists. 
The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

Thank you Laura! I loved your painting so much, I got a print for my house!

Go check out the Minted Art prints for yourself. Or, even better, submit one of your original designs. Maybe you will be the newest Mintie!


The Pick's Patch said...

Hey Natalie! I'm dying to know who won the manner cards....only because I really TRULY need/want them to help me and my kidos--we had a friend over for dinner the other night and I was so horrified I was almost in tears at the end of the night--it was pretty bad...anyway, please choose me!!! Is that too forward? (I'm Emily Archibald's sister-in-law-who you knew from TN--and I am a huge fan of Boise, b/c that's where I grew up, but now I live in MN)...oh, just trying to draw connections--but this is getting WAY to DRAWN OUT!!! Anyway, I love your blog and feel like I have a really cool wanna be friend when I read your blog. Must go get dinner for my manner-less children! ;o)

Push Pop Mama said...

Wow! She painted that? Amazing! You have some cool friends. I want to be a mintie too! Now where's that talent thingy I keep hearing about? I want some!

Natalie Jane said...

The Pick's Patch - thanks for the reminder! I totally forget to announce a winner. The winner's are chosen randomly, but you have as good a chance as anyone :)
Tell Emily I say hi!

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