Monday, October 8, 2012

Ghost to freak out the trick or treaters....

Collin's sick today. He was sick all weekend with a fever. Today it seems he's on the mend, so we've lit the fireplace (it's cold!) and cozied up to watch a couple hours of Max and Ruby Halloween.

Well he'll watch it. If I do, I'll end up yelling at Ruby to stop letting Max push her around and "where the crap are your parents?!?".

I'm going to do some daytime blogging! That hardly ever happens.

I found some pics from our favorite decoration last Halloween. Mr. Tree Ghost.

Get a fake Christmas tree out of your attic. Bend the top branches to allow a big bowl to sit on top. Throw a sheet over the top. Cut out basic face from black paper. Put your "ghost" in the window.

Creepy in the daytime.

 Light some candles and it's downright freaky at night.


Katrina said...

Love this idea!

April @ PolkaDots n' PinkySwears said...

Just put mine up!! (the only thing is..our christmas tree is a huge, fat one so looks like we have an obese ghost up there! LOL)

Thanks for the wonderful idea!! :)

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