Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Halloween Mantle and needy husbands.

This weekend was our special "decorate for Halloween" evening. We usually spend some time cleaning, then get out the decorations. Then we have a fall themed meal and lastly watch "Charlie Brown Halloween".

It's a nice family tradition we have. 

A few days before, Shane and I were talking, and out of no where he says, 

"You know, it sure would be nice if you would make me a pot pie."

"Um what?"

"You know, I really like pot pies, but I don't think you have ever made me one."

And then he got this sad face and sighed dramatically. 

It was totally pathetic. I reminded him that he likes pot pies with peas. And I think peas are putrescent. But he only asks for wifey things every once in a blue moon,
so I bought him a Costco Pot Pie for our special evening.

I could have made it. But I didn't feel like it.
 And those Costco pot pies are dang good. 
Once you pick out the peas. (Gag.)

Anyway, Shane was happy. And as you can see from my last post, he kind of deserves to be spoiled. As he directly reminded me in one of the comments....

Shane said...
Man, it really looks like your husband put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into this project. He must really love you and your kids to dedicate so much time and mental prowess to such a project. I mean, you must be really special for him to harness his obviously incredible skill-set for the purposes of making you happy. He sounds like a really great guy. You should reward him accordingly- not that you haven't, but you should continue to reward, if you understand my meaning. You know, just to be nice...
Anonymous said...
I tried to make that comment "anonymous". Oops.
He's a funny guy. I'll make him a homemade pot pie one of these days.

Any who.

The house turned out nice and Halloweeny. I really like the mantle.

We thought Lydia's witch broom was a nice addition.

I added a few silk leaves to my branches. I love my metal "Boo!"

And all the other scary friends who find their way out of storage.

I replaced my yellow and turquoise decor on the dining nook hutch with a few fall pieces.

Replaced my summery print for fall themed fabric.

(Easiest and cheapest way to keep artwork seasonal.)

After looking at that hutch photo above, I decided I would frame that fabric for my little white frame as well and add a vase of fall berries. Cute!

And everything looks so much better in the dark. 

I love this time of year. 
And my pot pie loving husband who is the biggest Halloween fan of them all.


Cari said...

Super cute decor! I love the hutch and what a fab idea to have seasonal themed wall prints. btw if you do get around to making hubby a pot pie- sonoma williams has the best recipe- I've only made it once but it was amazing (and you don't have to add the peas ;)

Jennifer Bartley said...

You and your husband seem to have such a fun relationship! I love changing out decor to match the season too :) I wish I had a hutch like that, it's perfect! Makes me wish people like you guys were just down the street so we could swap decorating ideas or plan fun neighborhood bbqs!

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