Friday, May 18, 2012

Week in Instagram #5

Lydia in a bun is just about the loveliest thing I've ever seen. 

I promised @Jennbartley on Instagram I'd post a link to a sock bun tutorial. 
Really, this will change your life. I use it on my hair all the time.

Friday night was our anniversary. Kept it totally low key. Caught the new Johnny Depp movie. 
Found the best "skinny mirror"

Crab Nachos anyone?

Shane made me the most delicious lemon cream pie.

We don't really do presents for anniversaries, but he wanted to give me something yellow :)

My gift to him was planning the date (he's been really busy lately) 
and writing my 11 points of a good marriage and promising to work on them more diligently. 

Had the most beautiful Saturday. 
This drink started as mine. Then two children holding straws found me...

Went to our first summer Bar-b-que.
Best smell ever.

Oh dear. The wind was a bit strong!

While putting Lydia to bed, 
she reached up to look at my necklace but in the dark she couldn't make it out. 
"what does your necklace say mom?"
 "it says loved on it" 
"whose donit? Is he your old boyfriend?"

Mother's Day was very nice. A little breakfast in bed.

Since church is at 9am, that nice breakfast made me late, so I had to rely on my "dirty hair" style.
Dry Shampoo + bang braid.

I've been loving coral and navy together. 
Found that a friend of mine from church is into that combo too!

Went to a Mother's Day brunch with friends. 
During which, Shane causally mentioned that he was going on yet another business trip bright and early Monday morning.

Monday was not great. Collin got a stomach bug.

To quote my facebook update:

 I want to be a supportive wife. I do. But Shane is complaining about traveling this week. He flew to dallas for a round of golf with clients. He'll be back tonight. If he tries to complain, I might just have to remind him that while he watched movies on his laptop alone in first class, I had a toddler poop in my bed last night.

Still, we had a good time, just the kids and me.

After just a few minutes after waking up, the kids said it was too cold to do anything!
It was 70 degrees. Spoiled little ingrates. 

I heard Collin counting to 5 over and over again. Then suddenly he was bawling. "what's wrong Collin?" He showed me his hand. "Where did six go?!?!?"

Table manners are very important in our home. As Lydia was quick to demonstrate when her chocolate banana smoothie spilled.

Took the kids to a "Moms Chat/Kids play" night. They save me.

Lydia and I air-dried our hair in the warm May breeze.
"Mom! Our hair looks the same!"


Stay at home mom's best friend.

This photo is awesome. Replace that cucumber with a cigar and Collin is basically Jimmy Buffet.

Uncle Zac and Rachelle stopped by for a visit....and brought gifts! 
Kids cried when they left :(

Everyone was so happy when Daddy came home.

Me especially.

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Jocelyn said...

Cute!!! So many fun pictures...looks like you have the sweetest kids. Although poop in the bed? Yikes! Loving the wind swept hair photo too!!! Stopping in from Life Rearranged:-)

Jennifer Bartley said...

Thank you for the shoutout! I hope when I start a blog you'll follow me too! Just trying to figure out how to start a first post without being awkward and pointless haha :) I'm determined to try the sock bun this weekend, I'll let you know how it goes! Thanks for the link!

You two look so pretty in the May air-dry hair photo! I love it!

Laurie J said...

what a fun week. love the bang braid. happy {belated} anniversary!

Mindy said...

"Pooped in your bed", haha. I should not laugh, but haven't we all been there at one point. My hubbie was out of town and came home to find his pillow in the garbage. Yup, I let Little Miss run around with no diaper...big mistake!!!

Thanks for stopping by,

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