Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Mantel

The enormous mirror over my mantel has been perplexing me since we moved in. 

This is my latest attempt at mastering it. 

The artwork is from The Wheatfield on Etsy. So very Springtime appropriate. 
I hung the egg wreath with a little clear suction cup. It's actually a garland all rolled up. 

This little yellow bird was just too tempting. (Tai pan $5) 
And it makes sure the big frame stays put.

I like it. At least for this month.
What would you put on this mantel???


kristi lee said...

It looks cute. Just a thought...I think you could go MUCH bigger in scale though considering the size of it. Use a suction cup thing and try a huge wreath up there. I'm loving the simplicity of a coffee filter wreath these days...white or natural and change out the ribbon it hangs from for the season. A cheap & easy way to add some impact until you figure out another solution.

Natalie Jane said...

I love that idea! I have no idea how to make one, but I will have to check it out.

Canadiachik said...

Ha! My thought also was to hang a huge wreath. I was thinking a large natural branch-style wreath hung with a satin ribbon. I think your fireplace is beautiful but this would soften the mirror and lines a little. Your decor is always darling!

Natalie PeGan said...

I had a large mirror above the fireplace at my last place and I ended up collecting and collaging mirros in front of it -different shapes and sizes. I think it turned out to be a simple, but interesting solution. I would check thrift stores or second hand shops. You can even paint the frames for bright pops of color or to make them all match.
Good Luck!

fiveofakind said...

Hi! The mantel decor you display is Always a great inspiration. Some other mantel/mirror decorating ideas that stand out for a large mirror above the mantel are in the COMMENTS section here, specifically the first two pictures, one of a prayer panel even one on a smaller scale with mirror showing around it would look classy and the picture after that with the thin molding strips placed to look like window panes. I also like the look of incorporating a long trailing vine type plant, the variegated pathos or english ivy, on the mantel in the background either on one corner or the other or a little off center. The wreath idea with the changing out the ribbon mentioned earlier sounds neat too. It's Fun to change things up!

Sara said...

I have a huge mirror above our fireplace too and I've been contemplating taking it down since we moved in. Your spring design looks so cute, thanks for helping me tackle the mirror :-)

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